Kevin Durant Charity Foundation Builds Basketball Courts


SEATTLE — Among passionate basketball fans, Durant’s name sparks healthy debate regarding his basketball career. Some argue he is one of the best scorers in the history of the NBA, while other would claim he is one of the best players, if not the best player, in today’s game. Statistics alone place Durant in the basketball pantheon that most basketball players would only dream of, leading the NBA four times in scoring, eight all-star game appearances, and winning the 2014 NBA MVP title. At 28 years old, Kevin Durant is entering his basketball prime, and will only continue to dominate for years to come.

Durant, a seven foot tall small forward with a smooth shooting stroke has left audiences in awe. Even though Durant spends a majority of his schedule attempting to perfect his craft, he has also set aside his time to provide for others with basketball aspirations. Fresh off his first NBA championship, Kevin Durant is determined to provide access to children across the world with basketball courts.

With the help of Durant’s charity, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, Durant has helped build basketball courts in various locations across the globe. The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation had tremendous success developing basketball courts throughout the United States, including Oklahoma City, Seattle and Oakland. However, the foundation also made some its most notable contributions overseas, orchestrating renovations for basketball courts in China, Germany, and most recently a planned trip to India.

The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation started in 2015, hoping to increase the number of basketball courts for children in underprivileged areas in the United States and internationally. Fueled by the charity’s mantra “Build It and They Will Ball”, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation has a vision to provide children educational and athletic programs to pave the path to a more successful life.

Durant claims “When I was young, playing basketball was one of the things that kept me out of trouble and kept me focused on my growth and maturity in to the man I would eventually become.” Durant continues, “For that reason, I’ve always want to play a leadership role in communities and neighborhoods- like the one I grew up in- and give kids a chance to choose health, teamwork, and basketball over some of the other negative influences they may face.”

Although the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation made significant strides providing access to basketball courts in the United States to low-income youths, Durant’s trips to Asia and Europe inspired his foundation to go international. Berlin, Germany was the first to get a new basketball court in 2015.

Durant’s work did not stop there. On July 27th, 2017, Durant will visit New Delhi, India. During his visit, Durant will develop two new basketball courts at the Ramjas School through the help of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation. From there, Kevin Durant will coach basketball prospects apart of NBA Academy India. Durant will become the first NBA player to visit the NBA Academy India, and will host a basketball clinic for over 5,000 children as part of the Reliance Foundation Jr. NBA program.

Instantly after winning the NBA championship, players celebrate in the locker room doused in champagne and live in euphoric moment. The following summer is filled with an equal amount of celebration, along with bragging rights into the next basketball season. However, Kevin Durant is not a normal basketball player. Durant will continue to focus on improving his game, while also holding true to his promises of developing basketball courts throughout the world.

For now, the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation has been deemed successful in its brief two years, and will continue to seek improvements for underprivileged youth.

Patrick John Greeley

Photo: Flickr


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