Karlie Kloss’s Cookies Fight World Hunger


SEATTLE — Karlie Kloss is a renowned model for Victoria’s Secret. Whenever she does a photoshoot, she brings healthy treats along for the crew. However, the camera crew knows that they are not the only ones receiving these cookies. In fact, by being sold to customers around the world through Karlie’s Kookies, Karlie Kloss’s cookies fight world hunger.

Origin of Karlie’s Kookies

Like many models, Karlie is a major fashionista. She regularly attends the annual Fashion’s Night Out, a worldwide fashion event sponsored by Vogue where products and events are offered at select stores for cheap or even for free. One year, Karlie decided to make some special sweets for Fashion’s Night Out, combining her two favorite things. It was while thinking about this that she ran into Christina Tosi, the founder and head chef of the Momofuku Milk Bar. They teamed up to make healthy cookies. They soon decided that it would be best for the proceeds from the cookie purchases to go to a good cause, and Karlie’s Kookies was born.

Partnership with FEED

Karlie and Christina were not the only women who wanted to end world hunger. In 2007, Lauren Bush founded a company called FEED, which sells bags, lunch boxes and accessories and uses the proceeds to provide school lunches for impoverished children around the world. Lauren had been to several impoverished countries, such as Cambodia, Chad and Guatemala, while working for the World Food Programme. While abroad, it occurred to her that if poor children have regular access to free school lunches, that means that their families have to spend less money and the children can focus on their education, empowering them to break out of poverty.

Karlie’s Kookies is now in a partnership with FEED. Every time Karlie’s Kookies sells an order of cookies, FEED provides 10 school lunches to school children in poorer countries. This has helped contribute to FEED’s overall success in making sure that poor school children can have something to eat every day.

Results: How Karlie Kloss’s Cookies Fight World Hunger

To date, FEED has provided 100,287,174 school lunches to schools and children around the world. This is thanks in part to the efforts of Karlie’s Kookies. Kloss sells her cookies at the Momofuku Milk Bar in Brooklyn as well as online, expanding her customer base to include anyone around the world who is interested in these products and wants to help the world’s poor. More people purchasing these sweet treats means that even more of Karlie Kloss’s cookies fight world hunger.

One would not expect a model to have anything to do with sweets, not even to help a good cause. However, that has not stopped Karlie Kloss from baking healthy cookies and using them to help the world’s poor. Every time a customer purchases these healthy treats, they ensure that even more people get fed by providing 10 school lunches to poor children around the world. As Karlie Kloss’s cookies fight world hunger, they enable those they feed to get an education, lift themselves out of poverty and live better lives than their parents did.

– Cassie Parvaz
Photo: Flickr


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