Justin Bieber Donates to COVID-19 Relief Efforts


QUEENSLAND, Australia — As the pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, celebrities like Justin Bieber have made it a priority to support others during these trying times. To date, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to more than 200 million cases and more than 4.5 million dying. Bieber has leveraged his influence and resources to assist in notable relief efforts, contributing his time and effort in recognition of global causes.

The Beijing Chunmiao Children Aid Foundation

The singer wasted little time in the early days of the pandemic before providing support for others. In February 2020, Bieber reached out to the world via Instagram, posting a video message of support to China. Bieber also added a photo to confirm his donation to the Beijing Chunmiao Children Aid Foundation. He expressed his feelings in the caption, saying in one part, “China we stand with you as a collective humanity and have made a donation to support.”

As of early August, China has seen more than 93,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 4,636 deaths. The aim of the Beijing Chunmiao Children Aid Foundation is to guarantee that children in need grow up in pleasant and loving environments. The organization offers assistance to neglected children, children with congenital diseases, abandoned children and many others. It does this by providing skilled “nursing care, foster care, and medical services.” Ultimately, the Beijing Chunmiao Children Aid Foundation’s goal is to ensure that these children can have joyful, healthy lives.

Assisting Global Citizen’s Worldwide Efforts

Bieber also used his talents in June 2020 to support an event that raised 6.15 billion euros for COVID-19 relief efforts. The “Global Goal — Unite for our Future: The Concert” event was a part of a major fundraising campaign organized by the European Union and advocacy group Global Citizen. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson hosted the concert and was joined by other celebrities, including Bieber, Miley Cyrus, David Beckham and Usher.

“The $6.9 billion that was pledged today to support the world’s poorest and most marginalized communities is an incredible next step on our journey out of the COVID-19 era, but there is more still to be done, as no one is safe until everyone is safe,” Hugh Evans, Global Citizen CEO, said after the event. Global Citizen is a grassroots organization of engaged individuals working to eradicate severe poverty within the next 10 years. The organization carried out massive campaigns to amplify the actions of global citizens from all around the world.

During the global COVID-19 outbreak, Global Citizen has moved many of its efforts to focus on those affected by the pandemic. Through two previous events, the organization harnessed the impact of more than $1.1 billion, which went to distributing COVID-19 tests, treatments and vaccines globally. It did this through its “One World: Together at Home” and “Global Goal: Unite for Our Future” campaigns and broadcast events.

Partnering for Direct Support

In September 2020, Justin Bieber also teamed up with artist Chance The Rapper to offer assistance. Chance has previously collaborated with Bieber on music, and the two released a song, “Holy,” around the same time. The pair organized to donate “$250,000 to fans who are struggling during the pandemic.” Both artists said they’ve partnered with Cash App to make this possible and sent out messages on Twitter to announce the effort. Soon, users responded to the announcement with requests for help and brief descriptions of challenging circumstances. Some posted to social media in excitement, sharing images of $500 deposits being made to them.

In the fight against COVID-19, Justin Bieber has used his position to raise awareness and funding for those in need. Beyond even direct donations, he has inspired his young fans and motivated them as well. For Justin Bieber, a celebrity with tens of millions of fans around the world, leading by example carries a significant impact.

Simran Pasricha
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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