Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s Charitable Contributions


SEATTLE — Jerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, director and humanitarian. Jerry and wife, Jessica, are working together to help put an end to global poverty through charity work and creating foundations. Jerry Seinfeld’s charitable contributions and work include taking part in numerous charity events and donating to good causes.

Foundation for Babies

Jessica Seinfeld hosts events to raise funds for the couple’s organization, GOOD+. This nonprofit organization’s mission is to end family poverty by providing essentials for babies that include various products, mostly clothing. Jerry and Jessica decided to start this foundation after their first child was born. They quickly came to the realization that babies grow so fast and outgrow all their clothing items. The Seinfeld wanted to create a foundation that would help families with babies in need of clothing item and basic necessities. What started as a foundation for babies in need soon became a foundation for whole families, since they came to the realization that, in order to give the babies the best possible outcome, family as a whole has to be provided.

Charitable Events

Seinfeld hosting events is another way to raise money for the foundation. Every year, Seinfeld’s charitable contributions include putting on a Halloween bash to raise money for the GOOD+. During this Halloween bash, celebrities gather together in their best costume to raise money and show their support towards a good cause. Some of the charity events that Seinfeld has contributed to is a gala. For 11 years now, the Seinfeld family puts on a gala to help raise money to break the cycle of global family poverty through donated goods.

So far, the foundation has donated more than $42 million worth of product to a national network of more than 125 antipoverty programs. Every 87 cents of $1 is donated in support of the GOOD+ foundation. In addition, the organization has more than 6,373 volunteers who have spent an average of 12,521 hours of their time to help secure, sort and bundle up donations.

Cooperation with Sponsors

Jessica Seinfeld on the GOOD+ foundations YouTube channel: “We see who has a similar objective as we do, which is working with families. We look at corporations that sell baby gear, or diapers, products that fit within our world and ones that might be receptive to holding events or in-store promotions. I like to create partnerships that last.” The donations that the Seinfeld’s donate to are within their organization GOOD+. Some example would be baby essentials, such as providing strollers, clothing, goods education and support programs to entire families, including mothers, fathers and siblings.

The foundation’s corporate sponsors include brands such as Children’s Place, Seventh Generation, Ergo Baby, Weil and others. Not only did they capture the attention of businesses, but families as well. Families began to donate money to help this cause and to help other families all around the world that are in need.

The Seinfeld’s charitable contributions also involve creating a family based foundation called the Seinfeld Family Foundation that aims towards education, children’s services, health associates, Jewish organizations as well as funding for the arts. This foundation started in 2000 and has donated nearly $2 million towards it so far.

Overall, the Seinfeld’s charitable contributions are making major impacts to help put an end to global poverty. Jerry Seinfeld is putting an end to global poverty by creating his own organization with wife Jessica, and as a family, they work together for the better. The GOOD+ organization helps global poverty by providing basics essentials for babies and families in need.

– Ariel Deahl

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