Jaipurknee Provides Affordable Mobility


Quality prosthetic limbs can cost up to $100,000, which is far out of the range of spending for many people in the developing world.

Globally, 20 million people have had limbs amputated due to accidents, war, and diseases, and 80% live in the developing world.

Lower-cost prosthetic limbs are available but are of poorer quality or made with old technology.

Design Revolution’s (D-Rev) Jaipurknee is an affordable, field-proven solution that functions in tropical climates and irregular turf like muddy fields and unpaved roads.

The Jaipurknee is built with only five plastic pieces and four fasteners, which makes it easy to produce on a large-level scale. Moreover, it costs only $20.

Yet, even though the Jaipurknee is simple to produce and affordable, it is a notable upgrade from the other cheap prosthetic limbs available.

The Jaipurknee is polycentric, meaning that it can move in multiple directions, and thereby provides stability in each step. Its counterparts are hinged and provide less mobility.

To date, more than 5,000 patients are wearing Jaipurknee.

– Kasey Beduhn 

Source: D-Rev, JaipurFoot, Popular Mechanics
Photo: Royalmech


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