The Izze Beverage Company Dedicated to Global Education Fund


BOULDER, Colorado – One of the most prevalent problems in poverty-stricken communities worldwide is the lack of children’s educational access. The Global Education Fund (GEF) is a nonprofit organization trying to improve the lives of the neediest children worldwide who are living in poverty. Education empowers children around the world and allows them to take advantage of the opportunities that accompany it. With an education, those living in poverty can realize their true potentials and finally break the cycle of poverty.

The Izze Beverage Company, a carbonate juice company, has been partnered with the Global Education Fund since its first day of business in order to provide educational support to children around the world. Izze recognizes that educated children are the key to a prosperous future. So since day one, Izze has been a significant financial and volunteer partner for the Global Education Fund’s programs.

Izze has assisted with book drives and school partnerships of the Global Education Fund. For example, Izze and GEF have run collaborative book drives with local schools in the Denver/Boulder area in Colorado. Thus far, these drives have collected over 100,000 books, all of which have been distributed to the neediest children around the world. Additionally, Izze has assisted in increasing the visibility of the issue at hand and the mission of the Global Education Fund by trying to increase public awareness through marketing.

To date, the Global Education Fund has provided over 100 scholarships, established 70 libraries, and donated over $12 million worth of books to 22 countries such as India, Kenya, and Guatemala. While GEF has conducted a variety of programs over many years, this organization has maintained its grassroots approach to cater to the local needs of communities around the globe.

In addition to Izze, GEF has other partners including Bhakti Chai, MIT, and Grantmakers without Borders that are all trying to assist in the goal of improving children’s educational opportunities worldwide. It is through individual donors and partners like Izze that GEF has been able to continue its humanitarian work.

– Rahul Shah

Sources: Izze, Global Education Fund


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