Interim Prosthetic Leg for Landmine Victims


The Landmine Monitor report estimates that between 15,000 to 20,000 people become victims of landmines annually.

Tillman Beusher designed an interim artificial limb that immediately aids people injured by war and landmines.

The prosthetic is unique in that it can be easily manufactured out of a multitude of cheap materials, and thus increases the speed of treatment for the recent amputees.

In 2009, Beusher’s interim leg prosthetic was one of the nine prize winners of the iF Concept Award. The iF Concept Award began in 2008 and awards the best design entries. Beusher’s interim leg prosthetic design won €2,000  in prize money for the industrial design category.

Beusher is currently MUTABOR Design GmbH’s Design Director in Hamburg, Germany.

– Kasey Beduhn

Source: Dvice, Blog nus
Photo: Flickr


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