India: Technology Takes Education to Students in Remote Areas


The Government of India has recently decided to connect 20,000 colleges through a video conferencing technology so that students in remote areas can access high quality education and lectures by renowned faculty members.

Higher Education Secretary, Ashok Thakur, met 60 vice-chancellors of colleges and universities from across the country to familiarize them with the software, ‘A-View’.

The ‘A-View’ software was developed by Amrita University in Kollam, in the south-western state of Kerala, under the National Mission on Education through the Information and Communication Technology Programme.

According to ministers in Education ministry, the software platform will connect excellent teachers with students across the country, including remote areas. It will be a mode of social collaboration among teachers and students from around the country by using communication and information technology.

‘A-View’ can potentially solve the crisis of accessing good teachers in remote areas where recruiting qualified faculty members becomes a serious challenge to the education system.

Bekington Myrboh, Pro Vice Chancellor of North Eastern Hill University in Shillong, located in the north –eastern and lesser developed corner of the country, welcomes the introduction of the ‘A-View’ software because it can help bring 100 colleges affiliated with it but located in very remote areas together and make quality higher education accessible.

Currently, 450 universities are using the ‘A-View’ software, including the Mumbai University, NITTTR Calcutta, IIT Hyderabad, and Pondicherry University, and have successfully connected 2000 colleges through the software.

A pilot program, called “Enlighten Yourself Every Saturday”, is conducted by the University of Mumbai and telecast to colleges through the ‘A-View’ software.

As more and more students across India access good quality higher education, growth and development in India will become more uniform because more people will be prepared to get well-paying jobs and compete at the national level.

– Mantra Roy

Source: The Times of India, All India Computer Education Mission
Photo: Flickr


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