Hunger in South Sudan


Hunger in South Sudan is at the highest level ever. Six million people are suffering from food shortages and are in need of aid and humanitarian help.

Back in February 2017, South Sudan officially announced a state of famine but by June, thanks to intensive humanitarian efforts, the issue was declared to have been resolved. Although famine is no longer officially occurring, there are still 45,000 people in three different counties who are dealing with famine conditions. In addition, there are 1.7 million people in other parts of the country that are on the brink of famine, an increase of one million since February.

South Sudan received its independence from the Republic of Sudan in 2011. The country is flowing with oil reserves and is one of the richest agricultural areas in Africa but, despite all of this, the country has been struggling for more than two decades with war and poverty. The country is extremely underdeveloped with a poorly developed framework for education, health systems, safe water and operational markets.

South Sudan’s conflicts have brought about low levels of crops and an inadequate amount of food staples. More than half of the country is in urgent need of food assistance. There has also been the displacement of more than 1.6 million South Sudanese thanks to the continuous conflict between The Sudan People’s Liberation Army, the army of South Sudan, and opposition groups. Furthermore, reintegration is extremely limited which means that returnees, South Sudanese coming back from Sudan, must return to a severely impoverished country that is providing them with minimal support.

Since January, the U.N. has deployed emergency teams to help with nutrition, food security, water and sanitation. In addition, a partnership with UNICEF has guaranteed the continued assessment of the situation in South Sudan in order to be able to gain the information necessary to save lives and to prevent further hunger.

Another organization who is lending a helping hand is Action Against Hunger. Action Against Hunger has, for over 20 years, been providing support to communities in South Sudan to help them solve the issues of high malnutrition rates, dirty water and chronic food shortages. They have helped to treat around 27,000 malnourished children and have helped another 45,000 have access to lifesaving care. Action Against Hunger is currently accepting donations to help fight hunger in South Sudan.

Chavez Spicer

Photo: Flickr


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