Hugh Jackman’s Coffee Helps Poor Farmers


SEATTLE — Hugh Jackman is a big name in Hollywood. Fans of X-Men know him as Wolverine, and he has also starred in Les Miserables. However, he is also known as the founder and owner of Laughing Man Coffee. This is no ordinary coffee company; Hugh Jackman’s coffee helps poor farmers and their families make more money and live better lives.

The Origins of Laughing Man Coffee

In 2009, Hugh Jackman traveled to Ethiopia to make a documentary called Dukale’s Dream. While there, he met and formed a bond with the titular coffee farmer, Dukale. With the help of his family and village, Dukale makes his farm environmentally and economically sustainable, which means that his coffee beans are worth more money.

Jackman was inspired by the work that Dukale and his community put into growing and selling coffee beans to consumers around the world. The resulting profits not only put food on Dukale and his family’s table, but also circulated through the whole village to make life better for all of its residents. Knowing this, Jackman promised Dukale that he would do his part to help. And thus, Laughing Man Coffee was born.

How Hugh Jackman’s Coffee Helps Poor Farmers

Like any other coffee business, Laughing Man Coffee sells coffee to tired and thirsty customers. However, Jackman buys his beans exclusively from poorer countries, such as Ethiopia and Colombia. Additionally, Jackman does not keep one penny of the profits. His first order of business is to pay the farmers who provided him with the beans. After that, all of the remaining profits go to various charities, including Fair Trade USA and the Higher Education Scholarship Program.

For a long time, Laughing Man Coffee only sold coffee online and at a few cafes in New York City. However, that changed when an employee at Keurig recommended the coffee to the company’s CEO, Brian Kelly. In August 2016, Jackman met with Kelly to discuss Jackman’s coffee. Kelly wanted Laughing Man Coffee to be sold in stores across the U.S. Major American retailer Kroger offered its support for the partnership. Soon, Jackman’s coffee was being sold all over the U.S., allowing the coffee bean farmers and charities to make more money than ever before.

Current Projects

Laughing Man Coffee has partnered with Fair Trade USA to help provide college scholarships and housing improvements to families in Huila, Colombia. Their goal for 2018 is to provide 40 scholarships and 100 houses.

The housing project has had a huge impact on the lives of Huila’s residents. These projects range from installing new floors to renovating kitchens, installing second stories and building entirely new houses. Reviews for these projects have been overwhelmingly positive, citing that these changes constitute vast improvements over old living conditions. For instance, a man named Wilson Ceballes Rivera had previously lived in a clay house reinforced with sticks, and was very grateful when the Laughing Man Foundation helped him build a new house.

Hugh Jackman may have gained his fame on the big screen, but his coffee business has had a far greater impact on people’s lives. His contributions to helping the poor are so great that many people recognize him from his coffee business rather than from his movies. Hugh Jackman’s coffee helps poor farmers around the world make more money, build better houses, get their children good educations and generally lead better lives.

– Cassie Parvaz
Photo: Wikimedia


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