H.R. 1111: Establishing a Department of Peacebuilding


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Establishing a Department of Peacebuilding was an idea originally introduced to Congress in 2015. The bill resonated enough to be proposed again recently in 2017 as H.R. 1111 with 29 Congressional cosponsors.

Under H.R. 1111, a section of the executive branch would be dedicated to maintaining and building stability both domestically and internationally by influencing the specific factors that contribute to a culture of non-violent solutions. The last action taken in the House was a referral to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The President would appoint the Secretary of Peace to head the department. Internationally, the appointee would be responsible for recommending the appropriation of resources when trying to combat factors of violence in specific countries after conflict.

This department within the executive branch would be broken down into specific sections that all sustain different elements of conflict resolution. The Office of International Peacebuilding would be dedicated to alleviating global poverty issues such as hunger, as well as achieving universal primary education.

Within the Human Rights section, all conflicts of abuse both domestically and internationally would be addressed and solutions would be coordinated with non-governmental agencies. The Secretary would be the head of each part of the department and be a liaison to the rest of the Federal Government.

To ensure that this communication is done effectively, H.R. 1111 calls for a committee to assist the head of the department. This federal interagency would also directly carry out specific programs that would encourage peace, like establishing sister cities and advocating for human trafficking victims.

H.R. 1111 would give nonprofit peace movements in specific conflict zones a direct representative in the executive branch. Matters of peace would be handled and organized effectively by this department.

Under Section 204 subsection A, guaranteeing funds to accurately carry out this legislation is deemed necessary to its enactment. However, at least 85 percent must go towards domestic programs.

This bill establishes a specific section of the executive branch to be dedicated to accurately carrying out actions that peacefully solve conflicts both domestically and internationally. Providing education to the federal government on how to do so effectively is what makes H.R. 1111 a substance-driven initiative to combating global violence.

Nick Katsos

Photo: Flickr


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