Water for People and Foreign Aid: How to Help People in Bolivia


BOLIVIA — Bolivia is a small country in South America, and is home to more than 11 million people. Though full of luscious plant-life and beautiful scenery, many of the citizens face uglier circumstances than those that are not impoverished. If wondering how to help people in Bolivia, there are several ways available especially to the average, everyday individual.


Water For People is an organization dedicated to alleviating the life-threatening issue of unsanitary water — whether drinking or for other purposes. The water is especially unsafe in rural areas. By the numbers, only 76 percent of the rural population has access to improved water, while 34 percent have access to improved sanitation.

One of the ways in which Water For People seeks to combat this issue is through a program called Everyone Forever. As the name implies, Everyone Forever is designed to provide access to clean water and sanitation to everyone in Bolivia, and to give them the tools to be able to keep that water clean for well… forever.

Water For People has partnered with groups in and around Bolivia, most notably municipal governments, to “achieve great success in increasing the levels of water and sanitation services,” in several parts of the country as they continue to grow and expand. By 2012, Cuchumuela became the first rural municipal district to provide full water household water coverage; several others have followed.

If looking for how to help people in Bolivia, giving to this cause would be a tremendous help in tackling a serious, life-threatening problem. The donation button can be found on the top right corner of their webpage. However, there are other ways to help, like starting a fundraiser, giving through your place of work, or even donating your car through Cars Helping Charities.


One of the easiest ways how to help people in Bolivia, however, is with your phone. Calling members of Congress is a great way to show representatives what the important issues are on the minds of their constituency. Also, calling them can get them to take a look at the bill in question.

To find your leaders numbers, follow this link, and enter your zip code in the “Find Your Leaders” step.

Then, once you have the number, you can get them to view a piece of legislation with an easy, 30 second call. This is all you have to say: “Hello, my name is… and I would like you to protect the International Affairs Budget,” or whatever piece of legislation you choose (there are several more listed on the Borgen Project page). At most, the intern will ask you for your zip code, and then just like that, the call is over.

Getting friends and family to do this can generate a lot of support for an issue, and even gain the support of the leader after as few as seven to ten calls. With funding for bills that support U.S. foreign aid, millions of lives can be saved in impoverished places all over the world, especially in Bolivia.

Stephen Praytor
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