Hilary Duff’s Charity Work to End Global Poverty


SEATTLE — Hilary Duff, an American singer and actress, has a wide-ranging history of charitable activities. Specific causes that she has focused on have had success in alleviating global poverty through charities. Hilary Duff’s charity work is ongoing, and she will continue to do good for the world.

The History of Hilary Duff’s Charity Work

Hilary Duff has a diverse charitable record, as she is involved with many different charities. Duff has gone to hospitals to visit sick children, and she has brought poor children to amusement parks. This is in addition to contributing to fundraising efforts through Kids With A Cause, of which Duff was a founding member. Duff is also involved in Return to Freedom, which helps animals and the environment; she is the Youth Ambassador.

When Hilary Duff tours, she donates a percentage of the money from concert tickets to charities involved with hunger issues. Duff also asks people attending her concerts to bring canned foods to donate to USA Harvest. This has had a lot of positive results, with Duff and her fans collecting more than four million pounds of food for hunger charities.

Hilary Duff Does Her Part to Help Reduce Global Poverty

Hilary Duff’s charity work extends all over the world. Duff went on a visit to Colombia with Blessings in a Backpack, which helps provide food for poor school children. With Blessings in a Backpack, Duff brought more than 3,000 backpacks that contained nutritious food to kids in Bogota. 

Bogota mayor Samuel Moreno named Duff an Ambassador for Youth as a part of her charity work there. Duff commented to JollyPeople.com on her trip with Blessings in a Backpack in Columbia, “We’ve been working for four years feeding children over the weekends. They invited us to come here, and we got our first school in Bogota.” Duff’s good deeds have had a positive impact, especially for those who suffer the most in impoverished countries.

Causes and Charities That Hilary Duff Focuses On

There are more than 30 different causes that Hilary Duff supports, including poverty, homelessness, hunger, abuse, HIV/AIDS, at-risk/disadvantaged youths, children, disaster relief and education. Along with the causes that Duff supports, there are also many charities that she partners with to provide aid to those affected by these issues, such as World Vision, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Angelwear, STOMP Out Bullying, Aid Still Required, Alberta Harvest, Blessings in a Backpack, Kids With A Cause and USA Harvest. The power of charity has a lasting impact on these causes. In addition, when celebrities support different causes and work with charities to assist these causes, others are often inspired to make a difference and help.   

Hilary Duff’s charity work has helped make the world a better place, especially in impoverished areas. Duff’s participation in these different charities and her passion for many different causes are an important part of the fight to end global poverty. Duff plans to continue with her global charitable efforts, and this will help make progress in addressing the massive problem of global poverty.

– Kelly Kipfer
Photo: Wikimedia


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