How to Help People in Indonesia


JAKARTA — An Asian country with approximately 250 million citizens, Indonesia has emerged as a middle-income nation that has cut its poverty rate by more than half since 1999. Although the nation has followed a 20-year development plan that seeks to reform the nation’s infrastructure development and social assistance programs, poverty remains rampant within the nation. As of March 2016, 28 million people still lived below the poverty line. While this figure may seem daunting, American citizens can contribute much to help. Here are some suggestions on how to help people in Indonesia.

  1. Support organizations like Project Hope and Save the Children
    Project Hope is an organization that responds to disaster and health concerns around the world. Among other projects in Indonesia, it has worked in tandem with the Serang District Health Office to improve access to maternal and newborn care since 2013. Ultimately, its goal is to help reduce maternal and newborn mortality rates.

    Save the Children, on the other hand, has responded to all minor, medium and major natural disasters in the nation for more than three decades. In addition to providing immediate relief, it has also helped communities prepare for emergencies and reduce risks posed by future disasters.

  2. Volunteer with organizations such as the International Humanity Foundation (IHF)
    IHF prides itself on maintaining the capacity to provide education, medical care, dental care and sustenance to children throughout the world. In Indonesia specifically, it is located in Bali, J
    akarta and Medan. It has five potential options for volunteers: voluntourism, work-study volunteering, long-term work-study volunteering, local volunteering and at-home volunteering. The application process is simple, and volunteering can truly change the lives of dozens of children throughout Indonesia.

  3. Sponsor a child through organizations, such as Childfund International
    Childfund has served children in Indonesia since 1958. The organization provides individuals with the opportunity to fund supplies, education, nutrition and shelter for children in the nation. Ultimately, the group has created a three-part plan enabling support for children from the time of their birth until they reach 24 years of age. This sort of support ensures the economic, social and developmental success of each child sponsored.

  4. Call and email members of Congress
    Various economic programs, such as the International Affairs Budget, the Economic Growth & Development
    Act and the Global Health Innovation Act commit the United States to providing poor countries with economic support. This support provides children in nations such as Indonesia with sustained access to education, adequate healthcare and better resources. Ultimately, constituents’ calls to members of Congress increases the feasibility of gaining traction for such legislative injunctions exponentially.

Clearly, there are many avenues to help people in Indonesia. Through activism, financial donations and volunteer work, individuals maintain the potential to make a substantial difference for the nation. This change may ultimately prove conducive to end poverty and help people in Indonesia once and for all.

Emily Chazen
Photo: Flickr


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