DAI Obtains HPI Group to Expand Healthcare and Gender Equality Efforts


SEATTLE — With operations in more than 160 countries, Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI) has earned a record for more than 40 successful years of state economic and social development work all over Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

DAI is an international development company that works with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as well as other agencies, private corporations and national governments on crisis mitigation, agribusiness, disease control and private sector development.

In June 2017, it acquired HPI Group, comprising Health Partners International and WISE Development, a subsidiary of HPI, to expand its current projects and services in healthcare and gender equality.

Incorporated in the 1970s, DAI initially won a contract to analyze 36 USAID projects in Latin America and Africa. The resulting study further elevated the company and globalized its work for skill development. Its first project was supporting the agricultural economy in Zaire’s North Shaba region and later Sudan. Then in the 1990s, it worked in Eastern Europe on projects to develop, privatize, govern and create banking and financial systems after the fall of the USSR.

At the turn of this century, DAI was called upon to implement projects amidst counterinsurgency in Afghanistan and after military operations in Iraq to provide legitimate and stable governance, agricultural support and restoration of the Iraqi Marshlands.

It has a wide range of operations, from democratic governance to food security, and of late the company has been expanding its place in the health sector. This includes its attainment of USAID’s flagship avian influenza control program, STOP AI, and creation of RESPOND to build up nations capacities to address emerging infectious diseases and pandemic threats.

DAI’s latest acquisition of HPI group hence globalizes its facilities and operations addressing healthcare and gender equality. It is made up foremost of Health Partners International, a social enterprise based in the United Kingdom which builds accessible health services, governance and community engagement for low to middle-income countries.

Its subsidiary is WISE Development, originally standing for Women in Sustainable Economic Development and working to do just that for female opportunity, working with international agencies and government institutions in the U.K. Together it has provided 200 health projects to 40 countries, particularly related to immunization, nutrition, communicable diseases, sexual health and maternal and newborn health.

This new union is sure to bring even more opportunities and accomplishment for affordable healthcare and gender equality, and globalize Health Partner’s International and WISE Development’s own values and missions.

Zar-Tashiya Khan
Photo: Flickr


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