Hangout with the UN for a Google+ Chat on Youth


Join the United Nations for a live Google+ Hangout on March 6th at 11AM EST. Click here to join the conversation and listen to a talk about critical issues facing world youth today. Topics will include youth migration, and the dangers associated with it, as well as new youth development strategies in the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals.

Speakers include: Bela Hovy, Chief of the Migration Section in the Population Division at the UN/DESA, Jo Rispoli, a Regional Specialist on Labour Migration and Migration and Development (East and Southern Africa), Lonneke van Zundert a Youth representative and Dynka Amorim, a young immigrant and activist  as well as the founder of Bué Fixe Magazine.

After the panelists have finished speaking there will be a time period where you can ask questions via Twitter (@UN4Youth using the #youthmigration), Facebook or the Hangout comment system and have them answered in real time!

This is a great chance to make your opinions known as a young person or as anyone who is passionate about youth issues. For more information email with the subject: Youth Migration Google + Hangout

Morgan Forde
Source: UN
Photo: Outside the Beltway


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