What is H.R. 2484? The Women, Peace and Security Act of 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In many places around the world, men exclusively deal with important matters, while women are restricted to household duties or domestic labor. Through specific budgeting and coordination between agencies, goals for inclusion can be realistically set and achieved. Now in the U.S. Senate, H.R. 2484 is meant to ensure women and girls are always safe and have a seat at negotiations because research has shown that peace talks become more efficient this way.

This bill promotes women as active members for mediation and negotiation processes in order to better resolve violent conflicts around the globe. Too often, the majority of negotiators and those involved are typically men, so H.R. 2484 pushes for coordination between women and all organizations that would carry out mediation of armed conflict within the bill.

Many successful negotiations have taken place against extremism because of the efforts of brave women. H.R. 2484 makes sure that these successful peace talkers can continue to show their talents and that they are always protected.

Research suggests that women actually perform better with peace negotiations and conflict resolution than men. Also, it has been shown in H.R. 2484 that when women are allowed to actively participate in democratic institutions, negotiations improve significantly.

In order to achieve the goals that need to be met by this legislation, the President along with relevant federal agency heads would put forth a public policy regarding women’s roles in peace. This would allow for a plan to be put in place, known as the Women, Peace and Security Strategy.

Also, gender data would be gathered to effectively alleviate possible conflicts of the future. Seeing tension before it arises is quite important, especially when it can prevent something unnecessary.

Maintaining a certain presence within talks allows for better transparency between all parties involved. When women are allowed to showcase their quality of true caring, they are better able to ease both sides.

Usually, both opposing views are dominated by a mostly male presence, even though it has been shown that women’s participation significantly improves talks. Having women come and talk over the terms and conditions involved with the suggested peace deal or negotiation can ease tension, especially since it has been shown democratic transitions happen more smoothly when females are involved. With the U.S. as its leader, H.R. 2484 would work toward partner governments adopting similar strategies to solidify the overall presence of women in democratic peace talks.

Allowing for an inclusive negotiation system would allow all voices to be heard. H.R. 2484 is a bill that makes sure that all talents can be showcased during the negotiation process. Especially women and girls who too often do not receive credit for having a unique perspective, which might significantly improve talks between any two countries or parties.

Nick Katsos

Photo: Flickr


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