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KABUBBU, Uganda — What is Graze Box? Graze Box is a healthy way to try new snacks, and it’s delivered directly to the customer’s home or work. The first Graze Box is free, and the box itself is made from recycled materials. The ingredients are handpicked for the customer’s taste preferences. The bites in each box contain portions of veggies and fruits to provide a healthy snacking alternative. Each box contains a promotional code to give to a friend who is interested in signing up for their own personalized graze box. Each time someone uses that promotional code, a dollar goes to the Graze Box Feed Our Friends charity.

Feed Our Friends is Graze Box’s way of helping reduce global poverty. The Graze school of farming in Kabubbu, a rural village in Uganda, teaches students how to properly farm and maintain their own fruit trees. Every cent that Graze Box customers donate to this fund is used directly on the ground in Uganda to help bring an income to families living in poverty. The farming school supports graduates in the succeeding years to ensure that the orchards continue to grow and be profitable.

These students can now provide food for their families and an income from the harvest. The harvested fruit can be sold in the local market or used as trade for other food or items needed within the household. There are five classes consisting of 10 students each over a six-week course. Each student receives 12 fruit trees and the necessary gardening tools to help grow and produce a full harvest. The donations also go to planting 50 trees to provide food for the children’s breakfast during the course.

The Graze project has so far been split into four stages to help these communities develop a stronger economy.

Stage one is the fruit orchard, which helps show students how to plant and grow fruit trees and start their own orchard.

Stage two involves harvesting rain water for the students to deliver year-round access to water, providing them with a successful, reliable harvest.

Stage three is to provide instruction to members from the community to become trainers at the schoolhouse and help instruct others on how to keep an orchard. Graze taught local farmers new farming techniques in order to continue the students’ education beyond the classroom setting.

Stage four provides community-wide education for local farmers by providing better farming techniques. Graze has implemented 12 courses with over 144 farmers who are learning better agriculture practices for a sustainable community.

Graze provides students and farmers in rural Uganda with the new and improved agricultural tools they need to help end global poverty. The support Graze has given to these rural areas in Uganda will ensure that families can continue to feed themselves and keep an income. Graze has brought education to these children and the farmers in their community to help grow Uganda and end poverty in those areas. So far, Graze has donated over 30,000 dollars for the schooling of better Uganda farming.

Sources: Little House in Town, Graze
Photo: Ben Collier


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