Graham Norton and Jessie J Participated in Red Nose Day


This year, the Red Nose Day program raised over £75 million, or $113 million. Many celebrities joined in to help raise money; both Graham Norton and Jessie J participated in Red Nose Day activities. Red Nose Day is a part of Comic Relief, an organization attempting to end poverty in the U.K. and Africa. Jessie J participated in Red Nose Day by helping fundraise; the proceeds will go towards many different programs that help fight mental illness, alcoholism, abuse, and disease. It is a program of empowerment for those who want to break out of poverty. Red Nose Day occurred on March 15, 2013. To participate, people needed to do something “funny,” or to follow through with a dare, or participate in an entertaining challenge. Comic Relief is a charity that  raises money while promoting laughs and fun.

Graham Norton held a “Comic Relief’s Big Chat.” Norton has an incredibly popular chat show in the U.K., and he used his influence for this cause. He hosted the Comic Relief’s Big Chat as an attempt to have the largest chat show in history, and to break the world record for most question’s answered on a chat show; he asked 175 questions, breaking the record. They broke past their £1 million target at around 1am, reaching a total of £1,022,982 as a part of Red Nose Day. Watch clips of the night’s show through Bing.

Jessie J participated in Red Nose Day by following through with a “dare.” She decided to shave her head to help raise money for Red Nose Day, to give to those who needed it. Jessie J met with some of the people being helped by Comic Relief beforehand, including those infected with HIV, as well as girls who had been victims of sex trafficking. This experience moved Jessie J to do anything possible to help others like them. To watch the actual video of Jessie J getting her head shaved, check out this YouTube video.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Red Nose Day, E Online, MSN TV
Photo: Daily Record


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