What ‘The Good Wife’ Teaches Us About Politics


BROOKLYN, New York–On the CBS television show The Good Wife, there are numerous political scandals and survivals. Many of the scandals revolve around politicians and their illustrious affairs, which seem to loom along the bottom of the television screen under the headline of “Breaking News.” Political survivals are more noteworthy because they depict how the spouses of these politicians survive the heartbreak and return to the world.  The Good Wife television series discusses how political survivals are more troubling than they originally seem to be, for survival requires facing numerous challenges within society.

One truth this television series exposes about the world of politics is how politicians are usually caught in the middle of their illustrious affairs. The main character is “the good wife” for though her husband encounters political humiliation because his sexual affair is exposed, she still continues with her life and acts as though nothing has happened. Though heartbroken, she holds her head up high to show her children that they can get through troubling times. Her husband is placed behind bars for his crime of misusing public money as well, making this time in her life even more difficult than expected. In order to keep her family aloft, she must find employment to help her family survive.

She enters the law firm as a litigator in order to support her family, because they have numerous bills and expenses they can not pay. Yet, during her time there, she encounters continual political strife due to her husband’s notorious scandal and crime. The series of events continues to haunt her life but she continues to live each day with her head held high working hard to support her family and herself.

Though this is only a fictitious series, it offers an inside look into the lives of political scandals and those who have encountered the repercussions. Examples of the spouse victim in the political field today include: Silda Spitzer, Jenny Sanford, Elizabeth Edwards, and Hillary Clinton. They have all been in similar situations due to their husbands’ infidelity. Yet all of these women continue to hold their heads high and to live their lives to support their families. All of these women have gone through the rough recovery period, and know that it is not easy to move past political scandals without constant tribulations.

This show also offers insight on how the political wrongdoer deals with the aftermath of his illustrious affairs and how it destroys not only his career in politics, but also his family life as well. This series also demonstrates how politicians  pay for their crimes. It offers viewers an inside look into the world so many are experiencing first hand, and how they recover from these trials and tribulations.

Overall, this series teaches numerous individuals about political scandals as well as survivals. Many have been known to say that it is truly based off of real life, for there are numerous examples to be found within the United States political system today. Though these women hold a strong attitude towards the public, they are broken inside and find it difficult to survive after these acts. Yet, as the show and the real world have shown everyone, it is possible to move on within society and is possible to still be “The Good Wife”.

– Grace Elizabeth Beal

Sources: New York Times, IMDB, CBS News, Common Sense Media
Photo: TV Series Finale


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