Culture in a Box: GlobeIn Gives Global Artisans a Secure Future


SEATTLE — Subscription boxes have been around for quite a while, bringing consumers products to their doorsteps. Many revolve around makeup and beauty — the vanity of the world — although there now appears to be a subscription box for items ranging from the epic fandoms of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, to gentlemen’s elite clothing and everything in between.

From there, the concept of “unboxing” came around to publicize companies even more as it shows potential subscribers what could be included in their monthly boxes. It also gives people a chance to view the ratings given by experienced consumers and take the plunge to delve into the frenzy. There is a new approach brewing: culture in a box.

What is GlobeIn?

GlobeIn is a monthly global artisan box that features exclusive, handcrafted creations prepared around a theme that brings its consumers breathtaking artifacts denoting culture; it connects people in a way that travel isn’t required. In the box, there is a card with the biographical information about the artist and their picture where the conversation begins between the consumer and the artisan. It tells a story about a human being, taking advantage of their art to sustain their families. Although many of these artisans are entrepreneurs themselves, they don’t currently possess a secure outlet for their family businesses to thrive.

These artisans and entrepreneurs have incredible artistic talent, and just require financial assistance. GlobeIn became that miracle, serving as the missing link in its aid for these family businesses. It was indispensable to share that art and culture with the world through an online marketplace that garnered a grander audience. It began as a startup based in San Francisco, California, which launched back in March 2013, with one purpose in mind – alleviate global poverty through art.

The Timeline

This project was initially conceived in 2011 when co-founder Anastasia Miron “hopped on a bus to Mexico and started helping local artists sell their wares online,” as stated by CEO Vladimir Ermakov. He is an engineer, holding a master’s degree in robotics from Carnegie Mellon. The “microlending movement” – people in developing countries being lent a small amount of money to start their business — became one of his most prominent focuses. This led to his GlobeIn company using that same technology to help artisans take their budding businesses one step further.

In July of this year, GlobeIn officially became “Fair Trade” — a title that now made what it had been from the start legal. It was founded on the vision of empowering artisans around the globe and assisting them through fair wages that come in through the jobs that their creations generate. With this, GlobeIn’s main purpose was fulfilled by alleviating poverty as well as establishing sustainable development. They also believe in providing a clean, protected environment via the artifacts sent to their consumers.

The Mission

At the core, the artisans have the talent, motivation and passion for their art. Thus, it is imperative to build upon their independence so they recognize that they are behind their families’ and the consumers who receive their pieces’ happiness. GlobeIn fosters this long-term relationship, and helps artists realize that their dreams can become a source of revenue.

Finally, the most important aspect is the artisans’ cultural heritage and identity being respected. Key components of this company and its subscription box include the culture of its artisan and artifacts in addition to the promotion of global unity and awareness to its consumers. GlobeIn is a phenomenal company that began as a mere idea and grew into a global market, garnering monetary funds for their artisans and a new glimpse into the world for their consumers. It brings awareness to the different ways that someone attempts to protect and provide for their families.

It is a beautiful notion to assist these people in this way, as the consumers will see a new side of the world and an enchanting backstory to connect with as humans. This is a unique company that brings awareness to the social problems existing in underdeveloped countries and also prompts consumers to see that by supporting artisans, they give them a better life and receive a one-of-a-kind creation that will last them for a lifetime in return.

– Nicole Suárez

Photo: Flickr


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