Global Citizen Ending Poverty One Concert at a Time


NEW YORK— According to the Global Poverty Project, the world can be completely free of extreme poverty by the year 2030. With 16 years left to meet the goal, the assistance of individuals worldwide is critical. The Global Citizen initiative makes this goal appear more likely by providing supporters with an enticing reward: concert tickets.

Global Citizen is a branch of the Global Poverty Project. The Global Poverty Project began in 2008 with the intention of one day eradicating extreme poverty.  In 2012, the nonprofit organization launched the Global Citizen initiative to serve as its online presence and expand efforts to the American people.

Since its beginning, Global Citizen has acquired over 250,000 members through online sign-ups. The community is made up of people who share the belief that everyone has the same basic rights to survival — the main platform of the Global Poverty Project. This has led to significant accomplishments in the fight to eliminate poverty, the most prominent being the 2013 introduction of the Zero Poverty 2030 campaign.

The Zero Poverty 2030 campaign is an initiative aiming to completely abolish global poverty by the year 2030. In the eyes of the project’s leaders, the goal is ambitious yet attainable with the support of Global Citizens worldwide. To encourage their support, Global Citizen assigns a specific point value to tasks listed on the website that contribute to the alleviation of global poverty.

After acquiring a certain amount of points, Global Citizens can enter into drawings for free concert tickets. On June 26, 2014, Global Citizen is hosting its Thank You Festival in Columbia, Md., featuring artists such as Tiesto and Above & Beyond. The festival celebrates the U.S.’s contributions to stopping the death of children around the world. One hundred free tickets will be distributed to Global Citizens with enough points to enter the drawing.

The festival is projected to be very successful, especially after Global Citizen’s first festival in New York City. The 2013 Global Citizen Festival was a charity concert in New York’s Central Park that featured headlining artists Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Alicia Keys and Kings of Leon. Sixty thousand Global Citizens were present at the concert, while 20 million more people watched or listened online.

Not only did the festival raise money for the Zero Poverty 2030 campaign, it brought a heightened level of awareness to people who could help make the vision a reality. The festival resulted in partnerships between Global Citizen and 25 different business, organization and government leaders who will continue to ensure that the project is successful. Additionally, between social media sites, television broadcasts and radio airtime, the festival made 3.3 billion media impressions.

The free ticket drawings are not exclusively for concerts hosted by Global Citizen. Currently, supporters in the U.S. can earn eligibility to win tickets to see popular artists such as Katy Perry, One Direction and Tim McGraw. The complete list of artists is much larger and is available on the Global Citizen website.

Even more expansive is the list of possible projects that Global Citizens can support to earn points. The website allows its users to choose to focus efforts on gender equality, food and hunger, universal education or other topical issues pertaining to global poverty.

For example, Pledging to Support Education in Uganda: Four points. Asking Congress to support the Water for the World Act: Five points. Tweeting a video about climate change’s effect on poverty: One point.

These are only some of the strategies and point values available to Global Citizen Supporters. The point values are small and the tasks are simple, but over time they generate a great reward for the individual and an even greater impact on the fight against extreme poverty.

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Photo: YourEDM


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