Gerzon Duty Free Won Schiphol Corporate Responsibility Award 2012


The Schiphol Airport, located in the Netherlands, recently held the Schiphol Consumer Awards for the 2012 year. The Schiphol Airport has won multiple awards, such as Best Airport in Europe 2012, Air Cargo Excellence Award 2011, and Dutch Building Award for sustainable building. During their consumer awards, the Gerzon Duty Free company won the Schiphol Corporate Responsibility Award 2012. These awards are given to business partners of the Schiphol Airport. This award recognizes three key features: hospitality, innovation, and quality. The Schiphol Corporate Responsibility Award 2012 was given to Gerzon largely due to their sustainability projects, and their positive impacts on the environment. They also recently launched an awareness project for their employees and use of sustainable applications in the company’s daily operations.

The CEO, Philip Gerzon, remarked that he was inspired by a 2009 presentation by Bob Geldof that discussed Corporate Social Responsibility. This presentation led Gerzon to change its mission, and led them to the Schiphol Corporate Responsibility Award 2012. The company has since implemented a strategy based on Corporate Social Responsibility. The environmental impact of the company has been constantly decreasing due to initiatives like solar energy, electric cars, and neutralizing aircraft emissions.

Although they maintain their main “bottom line” objective of profit, the CEO is determined to continue to be socially responsible for customers and for the planet. In addition, he mentioned that the company tries to include all employees and customers in the mission to reduce environmental harm on the world, and to make the world a better place overall. The CEO said that the Schiphol Corporate Responsibility Award 2012 is another reflection of their vision to better the world, and was given to Gerzon in part due to their support of multiple charities and other good causes.

Gerzon Duty Free is a concession in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and supplies jewelry, bags, accessories, and watches. It shows that any type of company can have corporate responsibility, and can aim to better the world despite their product. Overall, Gerzon has made their positive mark, and will continue to attempt to be even more socially responsible for the environment and its consumers, and perhaps will inspire other companies to do the same.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: DFNI Online, Gerzon, Schiphol
Photo: Laura Agustin


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