George Michael Helped Children in Poverty


SEATTLE — George Michael passed away on Christmas day in 2016. Michael was a British pop icon who made songs such as “Careless Whisper” and “One More Try.” He was also a world-renowned philanthropist, and many stories of his generosity were released after his passing. George Michael helped children living in poverty through his contributions to several charities. These are the most notable organizations that George Michael helped children through:

Charities That George Michael Supported

  1. Help A London Child: Help A London Child is an establishment that provides economic help to grass-roots projects. This charity places an emphasis on helping London’s less advantaged kids and other youth in the region. Every Easter, Michael would call in around 3 p.m. and give £100,000 to the Help A London Child organization.
  2. Barnardo’s: Barnardo’s is an organization that offers a wide variety of services. Some of these services include helping poverty-stricken children, supporting young careers and helping foster kids find the right family via adoption services.
  3. Comic Relief: Comic Relief is a charity that is fighting for a world free of poverty. Michael donated to this cause in response to the famine in Ethiopia in the mid-1980s. In addition, he used royalties from his song “Last Christmas” to help Ethiopian famine relief efforts.
  4. Childline: Childline is a phone number that vulnerable kids can call 24 hours a day. This service offers free guidance, support and consolation to children who are suffering from different forms of abuse. Childline’s Founder and President, Dame Esther Rantzen, disclosed that the pop icon had given the royalties from his song “Jesus to a Child” to the organization. Rantzen also revealed that he has contributed millions of pounds to the charity on the condition that not a single soul outside of the establishment know how much he had donated.

It is estimated that Michael donated to 30 charities supporting a wide variety of causes. Furthermore, Michael helped people on an individual level. Below are stories told by those who experienced or witnessed George Michael’s kindness and generosity.

People Whom George Michael Helped

  • Richard Osman, the executive producer of “Deal or No Deal,” said the pop icon privately donated £15,000 to a contestant on the show who needed the funds for a surgical procedure.
  • It is reported that Michael gave a crying stranger in a café £25,000 because she was in debt. He did so by having the server deliver the check to the individual once Micheal himself had left the premises.
  • He also held a free concert for nurses because of the wonderful care his mother received when she was dying of cancer.

George Michael helped children and numerous others in poverty throughout his lifetime. The charitable contributions discussed above demonstrate both Michael’s generosity and the ability of an individual to make a profound difference.

– Nicholas Bartlett
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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