5 Drone Photos of Disasters


MADISON, Wisconsin — While drones are a current hot topic, they might also be able to play a role in future disaster relief. The ability to get into some of the most hard-to-reach places could potentially aid those trying to find survivors after natural disasters. Here are some examples of aerial pictures from drones venturing into scenes of various disasters around the globe.

After a gas explosion destroyed two buildings in New York, a local man launched a DJI Phantom II drone to film the action.
Source: Gigaom

Drone photos of disaster
Storm chaser and videographer Brian Emfinger used a drone to capture the aftermath of a tornado that ripped through Arkansas. Emfinger shot the footage just moments after a tornado struck Mayflower, Ark., one of the hardest hit areas in the state located just forty minutes north of Little Rock.
Source: Forbes


drone photos of disaster
Photographer Lewis Whyld captured aerial drone footage of the massive flooding in Somerset, England.
Source: The Telegraph


drone photos of disaster
The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority used drones as one of several means for assessing properties that were too dangerous or difficult for workers to enter in the Christchurch’s Port Hills area after an earthquake.
Source: The Press: New Zealand


drone photos of disaster
Japanese aerial photography company HEXaMedia flew a drone equipped with cameras through Tomioka, Japan, a largely abandoned town that played host to the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. This picture also shows the evidence of the 2011 tsunami. The tsunami was powerful enough to pick up this boat and land it next to this road.
Source: Business Insider



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