Development Projects in Gabon Focused on Infrastructure


SEATTLE — Gabon is a country residing along the Atlantic coast of central Africa. Like any country, development projects are essential for ensuring that Gabon continues to grow and stabilize. Below are five development projects in Gabon.

Infrastructure and Local Development Project

The World Bank approved the Infrastructure and Local Development Project towards the end of 2015. It is a continuation of a previous project called the Local Infrastructure Development Project (LIDP I). LIDP I aimed to further develop the transparency of urban investments while also encouraging improved accountability between local populations and their city governments. This will continue to be maintained and improved in the new version of the project.

The new project has funding of $100 million and aims to assist Gabon’s government in furthering its infrastructure and local development. The project leaders also hope to improve the access to urban infrastructure and services in underdeveloped areas to build the capabilities of city management in these certain districts.

The project will improve living conditions in underdeveloped and low-income areas and will also work to reduce poverty. This includes providing temporary employment for local residents in these struggling districts.

Skills Development and Employability Project

The Skills Development and Employability Project, also funded by the World Bank with $100 million, aims to assist Gabon’s government by helping young citizens develop skills and gain better employment opportunities. The project’s goal is to reduce unemployment and overall poverty in Gabon.

Gabon has a skill incongruity that exists in the labor market, and the project will address this and the youth employment issue by providing vocational training in the community and supporting skill development of youths. This development project will also work to create entrepreneurship training.

Libreville Port Development Project

Boskalis International Gabon (SA) has begun contracting a new port development for Gabon. The SA created this project for a dry dock, a mineral terminal, a fishing port and other processing services and activities, including aggregate processing. This port is essential in order to build and strengthen the inland mining industry by reducing costs and increasing the competition of mineral exports residing in Gabon.

Statistical Development Project

The Statistical Development Project, approved in March 2017 by the World Bank, has funding of $50 million to strengthen the statistical system in Gabon. This project will correct data inconsistencies, improve statistical development and advance the spreading of statistical practices. Overall, this will significantly improve evidence-based decision making and development effectiveness. Statistical abilities in Gabon have been unstable and on a decline. This project will fix this by providing new statistical information and supporting the production of these statistics.

Infrastructure Development Project

The Infrastructure Development Project is one of many development projects in Gabon. Bechtel construction company and Gabon’s government have teamed up to develop a $25 billion plan to improve infrastructure from 2010 to 2025. The project will assist with erecting infrastructure for education, housing, transportation, power and water systems and medical resources. The project’s overall goal is to balance Gabon’s economic improvement with social and environmental advancement. Additionally, the project will focus immensely on educational resource improvement by building new schools and universities, as well as providing Internet education.

These are just five of the development projects in Gabon that are aiming to improve and strengthen Gabon as a nation. The assistance provided by these loans and projects are essential to continuing the growth of the government as well as the community.

– McCall Robison

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