Five Celebrities Fighting World Hunger


SEATTLE, Washington — There is a lot that one can do to contribute to fighting world hunger. There are many non-profit organizations and programs around the world that take donations and pledge to feed the hungry. However, buying specific products can also make a huge difference. Many celebrities team up with brands and organizations to promote products that donate the revenue from each purchase to charity. The five celebrities below are a few of those who are partnering with organizations to fight world hunger.

Five Celebrities Fighting World Hunger

  1. Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson – Rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has worked towards fighting world hunger since 2012 when he committed to providing one billion meals to the poor and hungry around the world. Since then, he has created an energy drink called Street King. He pledged to donate 10 cents out from every purchase of a Street King energy drink to the World Food Programme. The average cost of a meal provided by the World Food Programme is about 10 cents. So, each purchase of a Street King energy drink provides one free meal to the hungry. 
  2. Karlie Kloss – Fashion model Karlie Kloss has worked with the company FEED, which sells totes, clutches and bracelets in an effort to improve world hunger. Every time a purchase is made, the buyer is told exactly how many mouths they are feeding. For example, a $25 bag from FEED will feed 10 school children. Karlie Kloss has been an advocate and the face of the company since 2012. She has also created her own brand of cookies. Kloss donates a portion of each sale of Karlie’s Kookies to FEED projects. 
  3. George Clooney – American actor and filmmaker George Clooney has devoted much of his time to fighting world hunger and poverty. George and his wife Amal started the Clooney Foundation for Justice, which advocates for justice and rights for all individuals. The Foundation has partnered with UNICEF to open seven new schools in Lebanon for Syrian refugee children. The Clooney’s have donated $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which helps fight hate groups and white supremacists. They have also donated millions of dollars to the World Food Programme
  4. Christina Aguilera – The American singer-songwriter is Yum! Brand’s global spokesperson. Yum! Brand launched the World Hunger Relief (WHR) program to address world hunger through awareness and fundraising. The star is also an ambassador for the United Nations World Food Programme and has helped raise $115 million. The money raised has been used to help give food and resources to impoverished people around the world. The World Food Programme works to spread awareness through advocacy. 
  5. Jeff Gordon – NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon has dedicated much of his spare time to pediatric cancer, children’s health and world hunger. Gordon’s Hendrick Motorsports team partnered with the AARP Foundation to start the Drive to End Hunger program. This program focuses on feeding older people who are not given the nutrients that are essential to their health. Since 2011, Gordon has helped raise awareness for the program, which has resulted in more than 37 million meals donated to help hungry seniors. The program has also given more than 13 thousand seniors nutritional education through various programs that the foundation has started, including Fre$h Saving and Grocery Guides.

These five celebrities are fighting world hunger by raising awareness about extreme hunger around the world and supporting various programs and organizations. Their advocacy informs people about important global hunger issues.

Paige Regan
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