Fighting Poverty While Having Fun


NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Despite the progress being made in countries across the world, the fight against poverty can often seem like a never-ending battle, as 1.2 billion people still live in extreme poverty globally, according to the U.N. Although wavering faith is common in difficult situations, especially when fighting a global issue such as poverty, it is important to focus on the positives and remember that progress is achievable.

A great way to stay positive and have fun while fighting poverty is playing online games, like the ones listed below, that donate to the cause.

It may be difficult to imagine what it is like to live on a highly condensed budget, which is exactly why the game SPENT was created. A challenging game, SPENT opens with this intriguing fact: “Urban Ministries of Durham serves over 6,000 people every year.  But you’d never need help, right?”

The game puts you in the following situation: you are unemployed with no savings, no house and you only have $1,000 to make it through the month as a single parent.

Throughout this virtual month, you will encounter a variety of challenges and tough decisions, such as opting out of health insurance, dealing with the lack of affordable housing and choosing which bills to pay on a tight budget. The challenges you face change each time you play, showing the variety of circumstances people endure across the country and the need to eradicate poverty everywhere.

To see if you can survive the month, play SPENT at

The nonprofit website is another great way to help alleviate global hunger.

Owned by the U.N.’s World Food Programme (WFP), offers free education in a variety of subjects including English, math, language learning, geography, chemistry, sciences and humanities.  This is great for high school students, as even has an SAT Test Preparation subject area.

On the website, simply choose the subject area and level of difficulty, and then select the correct multiple choice answer to the prompted question. donates ten grains of rice to the WFP for every correct answer submitted. The questions will get easier or harder based on your score, and rice is never lost for a wrong answer.

For an easy way to learn and donate to the WFP, visit

Also founded by the WFP is the “Test Your Hunger IQ – Feed a Child” online quiz. As the title suggests, this simple and short quiz is composed of five multiple choice questions concerning the worldwide problem of hunger.

Not up to date on your world hunger facts? That’s alright – the WFP will give a warm and healthy meal to a hungry child in a developing country regardless of your score.

Visit the WFP Quiz to test your knowledge and learn more about this global issue.

Along with being highly educational and productive, these online activities are a fun way to raise awareness and donate to causes like world poverty and hunger. Alleviating poverty is achievable if we all contribute to the cause, so play away!

Meghan Orner

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