Enrique Iglesias’ Advocacy for Children 


SEATTLE, Washington — Enrique Iglesias is a 44-year-old Spanish singer frequently nicknamed the “Latin King of Pop.” He is well known for his songs “Hero,” “I like it” and “Bailando.” The singer won a Grammy award for “Bailando” in 2014. However, Iglesias should be known for more than his musical work as he has been a supporter of many charitable causes such as Habitat for Humanity, City of Hope, Live Earth, The Salvation Army and the Special Olympics. Iglesias has notably supported causes to help children globally with the organization Save the Children. This article will highlight the ways Enrique Iglesias’ advocacy with Save the Children has benefited children globally.                

About Save the Children

Save the Children is a global charity that was founded in 1919 and works to provide education and health benefits to children worldwide. The global programs of Save the Children include health/nutrition advocacy, education skills, improving food security and emergency response relief. The organization’s global health programs reached 28 million children in 2018. In addition, Save the Children’s global education programs reached 8 million children. Its hunger/livelihood programs reached 1.9 million people.

The Save the Children nonprofit has also gained a reputable reputation as demonstrated through its positive rankings. The American Institute of Philanthropy (AIP) awarded Save the Children a grade A rating, and Charity Navigator awarded them three out of four stars. Therefore, it is understandable then why a celebrity wanting to support global advocacy would partner with the noteworthy organization.

Beginning the Partnership with Save the Children

Enrique Iglesias began his work with Save the Children in October 2015 through a t-shirt donation fundraiser. Iglesias stocked t-shirts with a heart symbol on his official website. Donations of $12 for each shirt went toward the organization’s Children’s Emergency Fund. As of 2016, the #Hearts4Kids t-shirt donations made approximately $25,000.

Additionally, in December 2016, Iglesias donated $200,000 to Save the Children toward software/literacy programs in the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Peru. Iglesias and Save the Children set up another #Hearts4 kids fundraiser in June 2017 to benefit impoverished children in Mexico. This t-shirt campaign donated $11 out of every purchase of a shirt to Mexico’s Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART) program, initiated by Save the Children. Enrique Iglesias’ advocacy with Save the Children began successfully and highlights the importance of an artist’s support.

Hurricane Relief

Iglesias and Save the Children worked together again in October 2017 for hurricane relief, along with the fundraising platform Omaze. This was following the natural disasters of Hurricane Harvey, Maria and Irma, so they raised funds for Puerto Rico and Florida. As a way to interest fans in donating, Iglesias offered a VIP meet-and-greet for two donors following a joined concert with him and the musician Pitbull. The chance to enter was an affordable $10 donation. Save the Children raised funds in response to the hurricane natural disasters by collaborating with emergency/childcare centers to provide essential supplies for those in need.

Current Results

In October 2019, Enrique Iglesias’ advocacy with Save the Children displayed significant results. The pop-star announced that his collaboration with the nonprofit had raised $353,000 in total and would continue. This includes the $75,000 raised for the HEART programs and the $200,000 donated to literacy programs by Iglesias himself. This noteworthy amount raised has earned Iglesias the position of a “change-maker” for Save the Children. This means that Iglesias will join a special rank of CEOs, philanthropists, policymakers, educators and advocates.

Support from those with star power is a helpful asset to a nonprofit. Advocacy and promotion from a pop culture icon can bring significant awareness to an organization’s work. Enrique Iglesias’ advocacy with Save the Children is important because it showcases the empathy of a celebrity. Additionally, causes associated with a celebrity, like the #Hearts4Kids campaign, have the unique ability to make an especially large impact.

Natalie Casaburi
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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