Egypt and USAID Celebrated TILO Programme Graduates


The Technology for Improved Learning Outcomes (TILO) Programme is a combined effort between USAID and Egypt. It is a program that aims to improve the teaching and learning quality in schools across nine regions of the country through technology. USAID and the Egyptian government are working with the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to better integrate different technologies to schools and school-based programs, to hopefully increase the overall learning of the students and teachers. It is currently in effect in over 400 schools across Egypt, in two different types of schools: TILO “Smart Schools” (which were transformed from prep schools), and “School Based Reform” schools. In each case, the general idea is the same; to improve the quality of education through technological advances and reforms.

Recently, the program celebrated 234 TILO Programme graduates. These TILO Programme graduates came from the Greater Cairo region of Egypt. USAID and a few private companies are the funders of the program. Sohair Salem, head of the TILO project, praised the program and said it was helping schools improve student learning. According to John Beed, the deputy mission director for USAID, the TILO Programme graduates help reflect the enormous success of the program. The schools that have integrated new technologies have had great success thanks to the TILO Programme. 18 schools in Greater Cairo participate in the project as of today.

This is the first time that technology programs have been added into Egyptian schools. The TILO Programme graduates experienced the four main ideas of improving technology through the program. These things are introducing school reform activities (with new technology), providing new software to schools, training teachers and administrators, and increasing knowledge and critical thinking through digital resources. There has been a significant improvement in the younger grades; in fact, Yemen officials came to Egypt to observe and potentially copy the successful program. Finally, this program also encourages partnerships between the private and public sector, which increases communication and trust between the people and the government. Overall, the 234 TILO Programme graduates are only the beginning; they represent the start to an incredible program that will continue to improve the schools of Egypt, and help the students grow.

– Corina Balsamo

Source: FAO


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