Future of Education in Belarus Positive Despite Complications


MINSK — The Republic of Belarus is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe that was established during the turmoil of the Second World War. Education in Belarus is held in very high regard, with its universities and further education institutions attracting a wide range of foreign students.

Education has been a focus of national policy since the current structure of education was established in a 1994 decree. The ripples of this can be seen throughout Belarus, with this leading to a standard of literacy among the adult population reaching 99.8 percent. The general basic, general secondary and professional education coverage of the working population is 98 percent.

In terms of educational standards, Belarus has proven to be on par with many of the world’s most developed countries, and its higher education system is extremely prestigious because of its high quality and affordability. Another integral factor to the education in Belarus is the program of funding, which provides an option for students to support their education with government or private agency help.

There are some complications that weigh on the education system. One of these is that while half of students study for free, they must complete a mandatory placement for a two-year term at an assigned workplace. According to the Belarus Digest, “one half of all students have to pay and the other has to work without being paid much for two years. The Belarusian educational system appears to be totally commercialized rather than socially-orientated.”

Another complication is the fact that Belarus still has strong ties to Soviet traditions, with the Belarusian government supporting the model of subordinated educational system, and with no autonomy of any kind. Additionally, the Soviet system of education has proven to be inefficient, with it not being able to meet the real needs of the society. In the current state of education in Belarus, university professors and lecturers do not use new education methods or techniques,┬árather the system that was formed in the late ’80s.

Overall, the outlook for education in Belarus is very bright, and it is one of the country’s key elements to prosperity. If it addresses these issues and continue to fund and promote education, Belarus will continue to be a model of educational success for all Eastern Europe.

Drew Fox

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