Education and Employment Initiatives for Afghan Women


SEATTLE, Washington — In Afghanistan, women are notoriously overlooked and discriminated against. Women in Afghanistan do not have simple liberties that most women in other countries have rights and access to. Particularly within the fields of education and employment, women are deprived of access to these opportunities. This lack of equality led to education and employment initiatives for Afghan women so they can freely have access to government, military and church positions.

Unfortunately, the Afghan government fails to support women’s rights in Afghanistan. This failure ensures there is still a sizable chance the fight for women’s rights will continue to stagnant or even regress. However, the current fight for women’s rights and opportunities in Afghanistan progresses. 

Government and the Taliban in Afghanistan

The Taliban maintains a lack of support for women’s rights in Afghanistan. This lack of support caused controversy among women and the Taliban. The Taliban has a history that displays violence against women and young girls and lacks support for women’s rights. Also highlighted is the failure to support basic human rights in Afghanistan. Amongst these rights are education and employment, which are two of the main issues for women living in Afghanistan.

The Afghan government is inconsistent in its support of women’s rights. Recently, some administrations have avoided or turned their backs on the issues that are plaguing women in their country. This lack of support from their government on issues such as inclusion in government, education and employment only hurts the campaign of women to improve their situations and gain basic rights. The Afghan government has been inconsistent in its support. Fortunately, this has only made activists fighting for women’s rights rally together stronger and continue to gain allies.

Education and Employment Initiatives

Women and activists do have a few allies who are willing to help ensure that women receive their rights and have the chance to gain more opportunities in Afghanistan. The European Union and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are two major allies for women in Afghanistan. Both partners are working on education and employment initiatives for Afghan women.

As a part of the initiative, the EU and UNDP seek to provide women with more opportunities for education and employment by helping women flourish in college or higher education. Both parties are ensuring that women can graduate from schools and receive training and education in their fields and degrees. This initiative will send at least 50 women to schools where they can excel in fields of agriculture and statistics between 2020 and 2025. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that women will experience key economic growth and opportunities within the next five years. This initiative between the EU and UNDP will help create more equity for Afghan women.

Another ally for women’s rights in Afghanistan is the nonprofit organization Women for Women International. Women are behind this organization, acting as the driving force for change in Afghanistan. Women for Women International believes in empowering women to be at the center of change for the education and employment initiative for Afghan women. Empowered, they will have a better chance to sustain change and development. This organization brings women together to address concerns such as economic and social obstacles that continue to cause issues for women in Afghanistan. It believes that the knowledge and awareness that it shares will empower women to help change their scenarios in Afghanistan.

Looking to the Future

The fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan is lengthy and continuous. The inconsistent support for their rights by the Afghan government and the Taliban’s actions have only made it harder to overcome the discrimination and lack of women’s rights. The good news is that women in Afghanistan have allies that support the education and employment initiatives for Afghan women.

The EU and UNDP are fighting for women’s rights by granting 50 women education. Education will help women access future opportunities for employment. This initiative is determined to help women economically in Afghanistan. Women for Women International assists women in Afghanistan as well. It encourages women to empower one another and bring awareness to women in Afghanistan who are seeking equality. The EU and UNDP believe this is the center of change for women in Afghanistan and will ensure that continued success can be achieved by women.

– Jamal Patterson
Photo: Flickr


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