What Ed Markey’s Re-Election Would Mean for Global Poverty


SEATTLE, Washington — On September 1, 2020, United States incumbent Senator Ed Markey defeated Joe Kennedy in the Massachusetts Democratic Primary Election. Markey has served as a junior Senator since 2013. He had previously served in the House of Representatives from 1976 to 2013. Here is what Ed Markey’s re-election would mean for changing global poverty.

Ed Markey on Global Poverty Reduction

Markey is a champion of poverty legislation. Ed Markey has a long history of cosponsorship on global poverty reduction bills. This includes his recent co-sponsorship of the End Tuberculosis Now Act, which he co-sponsored in 2020. He also co-sponsored the Global Thrive Act and the Global Fragility Act in 2020 and 2019 respectively. Collectively, 24% of Markey’s bill sponsorships are issues regarding International Affairs. That makes up the highest percentage of his sponsorships.

The End Tuberculosis Now Act focuses on the impacts that COVID-19 has on tuberculosis. It makes the prevention of tuberculosis a top priority of the United States. Furthermore, it provides solutions such as diagnoses and treatment. Both the Global Child Thrive Act and Global Fragility Act focus on improving circumstances in poverty-stricken countries whether it be better developing the living conditions for children or providing resources to stabilize the political and social climate.

Ed Markey’s Committee Memberships

Ed Markey is a member of the Committee on Foreign Relations and a ranking member of the Subcommittee on East Asia, the Pacific and International Cybersecurity Policy. He is also on the Subcommittee on State Department and USAID Management, International Operations and Bilateral International Development. All of these committees review legislation and budgets for foreign policy. The latter subcommittee specifically reviews the activities of the State Department and USAID budget. That would put legislation for alleviating global poverty in Markey’s jurisdiction.

Endorsed by Foreign Policy for America

Foreign Policy for America is a nonpartisan advocacy group that works to encourage American engagement in world issues without conflict. The organization releases a scorecard on members of Congress based upon the Congressperson’s involvement in foreign aid legislation, cosponsorship, diplomacy and dialogue. Reports showed that Ed Markey was “one of 10 senators” to receive 100% on his scorecard. This highlights that Markey has been heavily involved in passing and creating foreign legislation. In addition, in July of 2020, months before the Massachusetts Primary Election, Foreign Policy for America endorsed Ed Markey’s re-election, supporting his efforts. It stated that Markey was a trailblazer for global challenges.

Expected Support for Rectifying Global Insecurities

Markey has a long history of active involvement in making changes in developing countries. One of the more notable contributions was his DIGITAL AGE Act, which he proposed in 2016. This act became the basis for the Digitial Global Access Policy Act (Digital GAP Act), which passed in 2018. The Digital GAP Act improved technology conditions in developing countries through increased access to the internet. It worked to ensure that the use of the internet supports democracy and fair government. Furthermore, it ensured that women and minorities also had internet access, a strong step in the direction of leveling the playing field among different marginalized groups.

Ed Markey’s re-election holds a lot of weight for the future of global poverty legislation. He, along with Democrats and Republicans alike, has pushed for protecting the International Affairs Budget, which will support and change the lives of families in extreme poverty. Furthermore, his legislative history has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of building diplomatic relationships rather than violent ones to not only protect the United States but to help those globally.

Alyssa Hogan
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