Drought Takes Digital Farming Community by Surprise


A crisis swept through the digital farming community today as a crippling drought struck the land of 45 million gamers worldwide. In honor of World Water Day 2013, the creators of Farmarama, a popular online farming game (Bigpoint, Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt) collaborated with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to shut off the virtual water supply to all of its farmers. As a result, virtual livestock died, crops withered, and market prices plummeted as players struggled to maintain their parched plots of land.

Around the world it is estimated that over 900 million farmers struggle with these problems every day, except in the real world the consequences are more concrete. To demonstrate solidarity with their real-life counterparts, Farmarama’s players are being encouraged to donate via their game play in order to help real farmers gain access to fresh water and supplies. They are then rewarded in kind by receiving these same benefits on their virtual farms.

As we celebrate World Water Day 2013, stories like this demonstrate that even though we can’t all travel to a foreign country, a donation of five or ten dollars can do a lot of good as a gift from our digital farms to the ones of those truly in need.

Morgan Forde

Source: Ending Hunger
Photo: Bharat Rashtra


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