Donatella Versace’s Fight to End COVID-19


COLUMBUS, Ohio — Donatella Versace firmly believes in philanthropy. This is why the luxury brand designer, together with her daughter, donated 200,000 euros toward the fight against COVID-19 deaths. The money went to the San Raffaele Hospital’s intensive care in Milan, Italy, where medical supplies are always needed. Hospitals, intensive care units, doctors and nurses have all been under a tremendous amount of pressure. They have been fighting for patients’ lives while protecting their own. Even with vaccinations underway, there is plenty of ground to cover while combatting the virus and emerging variants. Fortunately, with Donatella Versace’s commitment to the fight against COVID-19 and the commitment of those like her, the battle will continue strong until its much-awaited end.

Versace’s Charity Work

Even in her success, Donatella Versace still prioritizes the needs of others. The 65-year-old has given to charities such as AIDS LIFE, the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the One Foundation. Her recent contribution to the San Raffaele Hospital helps provide medical equipment so the staff can be better equipped to treat incoming patients.

Gowns, masks, gloves and other medical supplies were often in short supply when the pandemic first hit in force due to global supply chain interruptions. Versace’s donation helps ensure medical professionals have further funding to put to use. Versace said in a statement, “[I]t is important to be united and support however we can to help all those who are in the front lines, fighting every day to save hundreds of lives.” The more prepared hospitals are, the more efficient their response time is in critical situations.

Care through Philanthropic Events

Versace’s philanthropy ranges back, with one example in 2009 when Versace hosted a gala at the Whitney Art and Studio Gallery in support of her charity, Art Unites. She did this in coalition with actress Penélope Cruz and creator Liz Swig. At the same time, Versace organized for 1,400 children supported by Art Unites to draw pictures that Versace later put on unique tote bags. The children were asked to draw what their ideas of friendship were. After, each bag went on sale for about $250. All proceeds went to the Starlight Children’s Foundation and the One Foundation, which aided in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake in China.

Other Celebrity Aid

Donatella Versace’s donation to the fight to end COVID-19 also sheds light on other celebrities helping out in this difficult time. Well-known actors, actresses and influencers have campaigned to bring health and safety to everyone. Kendall Jenner is among those who have given back to the community. Jenner launched a new merchandise collection related to her Zaza World clothing line. 100% of the profits will go to Feeding America, according to Vogue U.S.

Donatella Versace’s philanthropic work has supported morale throughout the Milan region. Her donations have helped healthcare workers in the region and recognized their efforts during difficult times. By helping the hospital, Versace reminds people that humanity’s efforts will constantly shed light on trying situations. From the work of nurses to concerned citizens, the fight to end the pandemic is one everyone shares together.

Nancy Taguiam
Photo: Flickr


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