PrimeroX: UNICEF and Microsoft Detect Domestic Violence in Ghana


CHINO, California — UNICEF and Microsoft joined forces to develop technology that detects domestic violence in Ghana. Their newest project involves the launch of PrimeroX in Ghana, a software that aims to protect women and children who may be victims of abuse.

Primero is a software used in different platforms to advance humanitarian and social developments. PrimeroX is the specific software that will detect abuse. Based primarily in Ghana, the platform expects its official worldwide launch by 2022.

“Millions of children are now more vulnerable to violence, abuse and neglect due to the socioeconomic consequences of the intensifying pandemic. There are 1.8 billion children in the 104 countries where violence prevention and response services have been disrupted due to DOVID-19,” said Christopher Tidey, author of the UNICEF article announcing the launch of the program.

The technology UNICEF and Microsoft have been working on throughout 2020 aims to enhance governments to install quicker responses when facing humanitarian crises. By improving the quality of care to protect children at risk, PrimeroX fosters progressive techniques to encourage the safety of potential victims of abuse or neglect.

“Primero combines field-proven tools, global best practices and the latest open source technology to bring community-level protection and social services workers a user-friendly and scalable solution for their data management challenges,” Primero’s website says.

Using PrimeroX in Ghana

In Ghana’s capital, Accra, a child lost its family as caseworkers tried to reconnect the child back to relatives amid the 2 million residents. After checking hospitals, community centers and reaching out through media, a case manager had reunited the child with its family. This is just one case in millions that the Primero tool provides technology to support and swiftly lend resources to locate the lost child.

Through this story, Microsoft had teamed up with UNICEF to begin a project that uses Primero software to create Primero X, a resorted tool based in Ghana to aid at-risk children and women who are potential victims of verbal, sexual or physical abuse.

“Innovation is at the heart of UNICEF’s ability to achieve results for children and young people. For decades, UNICEF has developed effective, evidence-based solutions and adapted them to local circumstances. The organization uses this approach with technology, too, to protect and promote the human rights of children, especially the most disadvantaged,” said the Microsoft News Center.

A study conducted by BMC Public Health finds that roughly 33% of married women will face domestic violence in Ghana. Additionally, the number increases by 2% for women in urban areas and by 11% for women whose husbands experienced their fathers abusing their mothers.

The PrimeroX software used by UNICEF and Microsoft provides Ghana’s officials with designs used online and offline for any smart device. Furthermore, it contains embedded help, security identification and cloud services. Each tool within the software aims at user-friendly and safety-ensured technology. The expertise, knowledge come from a diverse group of specialists that protect children’s privacy when accessing the software.

Introducing PrimeroX Worldwide

COVID-19 has affected vulnerable women and children in Ghana and parts of Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Sudan, Yemen and more. UNICEF and Microsoft introduced PrimeroX to each of these countries over the course of 2020. The organizations hope to provide software technology with readily available resources. This will protect and serve women and children affected by domestic violence.

– Vanessa Morales
Photo: Flickr


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