Dixie Chicks Join Global Citizen Campaign


NEW YORK – In a move that’s becoming common-place in the music industry, the Dixie Chicks have joined an elite group of musicians in the pact to fight global poverty through music. Global Citizens recently announced that the all-female ensemble will join their Global Citizens Ticket Drive to donate two tickets from their personal stash to each of their upcoming shows. The organization uses these, and other tickets collected from musicians, to fund a concert-by-concert lottery that delivers the tickets to eligible fans.

To cash in on the lottery and score free tickets to see their favorite bands, fans register on the Global Citizens website that monitors points earned through fans’ various social engagements. For example, signing a petition or emailing Senator Harkin to help eradicate polio each earns three points toward the lottery pool. Likewise, sharing the movement on Twitter or Facebook earns a point. The program rewards activism that promotes awareness of global poverty-related issues.

The Dixie Chicks have fully embraced the Global Citizens Ticket Drive by advocating on its behalf. Using social media and their own website to encourage their fans to participate, they are fighting to end global poverty. Still, this isn’t the first time the group has made its voice heard on political issues. Ten years ago, Dixie Chicks’ lead singer, Natalie Maines, represented the three women in expressing their anti-Iraq War sentiment in London. In front of a packed house, the singer said “we’re ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas.” Clearly, these ladies are no stranger to taking a stand.

Though the ranks are building, with musicians continuing to join the drive for ticket donations, there is much work yet to be done. It remains to be seen how many, and how much, fans are willing to contribute to the lottery’s awareness-building program. If the Global Citizen Tickets Drive is to be successful in making real change, it must inspire fans, and those receiving fans’ social media plugs, to contact politicians. Increasing the number of calls and emails to local congresspersons, as indicated by their staffers, is what draws political attention to advocate real policy change.

– Herman Watson
Source: Global Citizen, Dixie Chicks Official Twitter, Dixie Chicks Website, The Borgen Project
Photo: Leaderpost


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