Dawes Visited Rwanda with the UN to Fight Malaria


Dawes visited Rwanda with the UN recently in order to fight malaria. Dawes, an American rock band from L.A., is fronted by two brothers, Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith. The United Nations Foundation approached Dawes to come to Rwanda under their Nothing but Nets campaign. In Rwanda, Dawes helped distribute bed nets throughout refugee camps. They also performed with musicians in Rwanda and met with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to see what else they could do to help the area.

Nothing but Nets is a campaign that distributes insecticide-treated bed nets, that last for a long time. Bed nets help to prevent malaria from occurring; it is easy for a person to be infected with malaria, but it is just as easy to prevent that infection. Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes, so the easiest way to prevent it is through insecticide nets. Every second, according to the Nothing but Nets campaign, 10 more people have malaria, and each minute, an African child dies from an infection. Without malaria, the following things are likely to occur: raised school attendance, increased tourism, increased foreign investment, and increased crop production. Although malaria has been controlled in most of the world, it remains a huge issue within much of Africa.

At first, it may be true that Dawes was surprised by the request to visit Rwanda, given that they are not as “large” of a band as U2 for instance. However once Dawes visited Rwanda with the UN, the members of the band were moved. They called it a life-changing experience, and they commented that it was hard to understand such a large injustice. Taylor Goldsmith commented in a press relief that a mere $10 can give a family hope and protection from this deadly disease. Overall, they were proud to contribute to the Nothing but Nets campaign, and hope for malaria to be resolved in Africa once and for all.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Rolling Stones, Paste Magazine, Nothing but Nets
Photo: Insider Images


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