David Beckham Helps Tackle World Hunger


The ever-popular soccer star David Beckham has recently backed Enough Food for Everyone IF, an organization that works to change the future and end global hunger. The four issues that IF focuses on are aid, tax, land, and transparency.

Beckham, as a UNICEF Ambassador, backs this project and its goal to urge G8 leaders to be more involved in the fight to end global hunger. He explains, “In the next few weeks, G8 leaders could decide the fate of millions of children around the world. I want them to stop the scandal of hunger. IF you want to be part of the big event to persuade world leaders to take action, please come to the Big IF in London’s Hyde Park on Saturday 8 June.”

Other celebrities are joining the cause as well, from the One Direction boys to Orlando Bloom. The huge public rally in London, the Big IF, is a free event that will feature speakers like Bill Gates and those who attend will take part of the creation of a huge visual petition made of 250,000 spinning flowers. The 2 million petals of these flowers will represent the two million children that die from hunger every year. Gates speaks on the necessity that the G8 are moved into action, saying “The UK is a critical champion for global development. And once again the UK is demonstrating its leadership by putting agriculture and nutrition at the top of the political agenda. I am delighted to offer my support to the IF campaign, and hope that the people of the UK will rise to the occasion”.

IF hopes that by encouraging aid, providing poor farmers with land, forcing companies to be taxed properly, and holding governments and corporations accountable for their actions, the problem of world hunger and poverty can be addressed and eliminated.

– Sarah Rybak

Source: Marie Claire,Enough Food IF
Photo: Zimbio


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