Colas Afrique’s Corporate Aid During COVID-19


SEATTLE, Washington — As COVID-19 has overtaken the world, corporations and organizations have stepped up to make a difference both globally and locally. One company that has made a difference is Colas Afrique. Colas Afrique is an African company with ties across the continent. It is a self-performing contractor in construction and transport infrastructure maintenance. It has more than 10,000 employees, operating in more than a dozen countries. Some countries include Morocco, the Ivory Coast, Benin, Gabon, Congo, South Africa and Kenya. With its extensive reach, it has prioritized corporate aid during COVID-19.

Colas Afrique’s Corporate Aid During COVID-19

Colas Afrique has undertaken several initiatives since the beginning of the pandemic. These initiatives have contributed to the safety and health of people in Africa. Prioritizing safety is one of several examples of the steps that it has taken during this unprecedented time.

Employee health and safety has been at the top of Colas’ initiatives. Stemming the spread of the coronavirus throughout its worksites has been a priority for the company. It has implemented specific safety and health measures at its construction and production sites as well as main offices. Due to this diligence, the company has been able to remain productive and maintain paying its employees throughout the pandemic, stimulating the local economy.

Food and Medical Supplies

Colas has provided food baskets in Morocco as well. It has given baskets to more than 1,300 families all across the country in order to reach the poorest people affected by COVID-19. By providing aid in this way, families are able to provide food for their families, a capability that has decreased with the ongoing pandemic.

Branching out to further countries in Africa, Colas is distributing both medical and food supplies across the continent. In both Gabon and Ivory Coast, it has provided medical supplies for hospitals and communities as well as food for the community members. These donations have allowed for further development and maintenance during the pandemic. It has also provided medical equipment to Akanda Hospital in Gabon.

Colas has also made an impact in Senegal where it has joined with AMREF Health Africa to provide health services to the areas previously unreached. By providing aid to both rural areas and cities, the organization has helped spread access to healthcare and create an opportunity for all citizens to partake in the benefits and resources. Additionally, in Madagascar, Colas has also donated medical equipment, providing more than 4,000 masks to the city of Tana. This allows health centers and hospitals to provide further safety measures for its citizens and workers.

An Inspiring Company

Overall, Colas has shown the incredible impact that local companies can have on local communities. By contributing and aiding the communities that make up the company, Colas is able to both stimulate the economy and give back to its employees. It has maintained a level of adequate living for its workers and aided its customers. The company demonstrates the importance of corporate aid during COVID-19 and encourages other companies to step up and give back to communities in need during this pandemic.

Kiana Powers
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