Providing Hope Through Disaster Relief Around the World


SPRINGFIELD, Missouri — Convoy of Hope is a faith-based nonprofit organization founded in 1994 by the Donaldson family of Springfield, Missouri. They started their organization as a response to the memory of those who stepped in to help their family after their father was killed by a drunk driver in 1969. Over the past 22 years, Convoy has operated with the help and financial support of churches, businesses, government agencies, other nonprofits, donors and volunteers to serve more than 79 million people around the world through a litany of programs and services, including disaster relief.

Convoy’s disaster services team is highly regarded as one of the most efficient disaster relief teams in the world. Regarded highly for their scalable distribution model, six international warehouses and mobile command center, Convoy of Hope is routinely among the first to arrive on the scene.

Convoy began responding to disasters in 1998 after severe flooding in Del Rio, Texas as Tropical Storm Charley caused over $40 million in losses, destroying over 1500 homes and killing 20 people in Mexico and Texas.

Since then, the organization has gone global, sending teams in response to well-over 200 disasters, providing sustenance, emergency supplies, and long-term solutions to those in need. Convoy helps people get back on their feet through an efficient four step approach.

  • Monitoring
    By monitoring weather conditions, earthquake activity and other forms of disaster, Convoy is able to remain up to date and be ready to mobilize a relief team.
  • Assessment
    When disaster strikes, Convoy sends assessment teams to figure out how much assistance is needed. These teams often hit the ground before the storm has even passed, gathering critical information to be reported back to the Operations Center in Missouri. From there, the appropriate response is determined.
  • Response
    Convoy typically rotates response teams in the field and in the shipment of relief supplies from their World-Distribution Center. Field teams distribute supplies while coordinating volunteers and assisting in cleanup. All of this is made possible through cooperation with local, state and federal officials.
  • Recovery
    This is the work done after the world has moved on. Convoy aims to be the first in and last out when it comes to disaster relief, helping those effected to recover a decent quality of life by ensuring that their needs are met.

In Haiti, Convoy of Hope still operates today to rebuild a nation historically bombarded by natural disasters. The most recent of these catastrophes was a 2010 earthquake that leveled Port au Prince and the surrounding area, killing tens of thousands of people. Convoy of Hope partners with Mission of Hope Haiti, working to provide medical and orphan care, food and education to the Haitian people.

Convoy of Hope operates in many capacities, offering compassion and aid to the world’s impoverished, hungry and hurting people. Over the past two decades, the organization has relieved those who have lost everything at the hands of natural disaster by providing emergency supplies, food other services. But along with the first aid kits and ready to eat meals, Convoy brings the thing that most efficiently drives people to persevere. This Convoy brings hope.

Aaron Parr

Photo: Flickr


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