Cher’s Philanthropic Efforts: An Icon Gives Back


SEATTLE — Cher is a singer and actress whose career began as a part of “Sonny and Cher” in the 1960s. Her musical career spans six decades and she is the only artist to have ever had number one singles in each of those six decades. Cher is also an acclaimed actress who won an Oscar for her role in the 1987 classic “Moonstruck.”

Cher’s Global Impact

In addition to being a talented performer, Cher is also an extremely outspoken advocate for an array of causes including women’s rights, LGBT equality and veterans rights. On top of her efforts for those causes, she also works closely with several organizations that help those facing extreme poverty and has even written music featured in a documentary that explores the Syrian crisis. In fact, Cher’s philanthropic efforts have affected people all around the world.

The Afghan Relief Organization (ARO) works to give relief to those in need throughout Afghanistan. This humanitarian organization provides direct aid as well as education to the suffering communities in Afghanistan with the help of volunteers from various backgrounds.

The Afghan Relief Organization

ARO provides food, medicine, hygiene supplies, school supplies, blankets and clothing throughout the country. ARO continues to grow at a rapid rate and now has the capability to provide schooling for more than 800 children and adult students. ARO looks forward to helping those with a desire to improve their living conditions and improve their education.

ARO works primarily on relief trips to distribute necessary supplies. Cher’s philanthropic efforts have included providing support for ARO by participating in an online auction with other celebrities; all the proceeds went to training for teachers and the building of libraries.  

Work of amfAR

Cher’s philanthropic efforts include supporting amfAR — an organization whose priority is to find a cure for HIV/AIDS. In 2014, the group launched a program called “Countdown to a Cure for AIDS,” which set a goal of developing a cure by the year 2020. amfAR has invested more than $500 million in its various programs that span from scientific advances to treatment and care. They have saved millions of lives worldwide with their research on HIV/AIDS.

amfAR also works closely with countries facing extreme poverty and lack of HIV/AIDS prevention necessities by sponsoring prevention education programs in places like Nepal. amfAR also participates in providing public policy for this issue and have been huge players in securing federal legislation such as the Hope Act of 1988. The groundbreaking organization gave Cher the Award of Inspiration for her “willingness and ability to use her fame for the greater good.”  

Do Good with

Cher’s philanthropic efforts expand to an organization called which mobilizes young people in the United States and 131 other countries to get involved, volunteer, participate in social change and civil action and ultimately, make a real impact on the world. has lots of campaigns from providing clothing to teens in need, to protecting the environment and the elderly.

Cher’s philanthropic efforts have even reached her music career. In 2017, a documentary aired on HBO called “Cries from Syria” which filmed the workings of a Syrian activist and citizen journalist as well as testimonials from those most affected — children soldiers, leaders of the revolution, governmental defectors and ordinary citizens. Cher released a single called “Prayers For This World” to be in the documentary about the Syrian people and conflict.  

It is due to efforts like these that Cher will remain a legend for years to come. Cher is not afraid to use her position of influence to help those in need, a goal that not only makes her a true icon but which also inspires other celebrities and non-celebrities alike to follow in her footsteps.

– Olivia Hodges
Photo: Pixabay


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