Chelsea Clinton Helps Bring Clean Water to Myanmar


Chelsea Clinton is working to bring clean water to Myanmar through a Clinton Foundation clean water project. Clinton visited Myanmar in late May to promote the project, which provides water purification packets to people who do not have access to clean water. Each packet is capable of making up to 10 liters of water safe for drinking. The clean water project has been successful due to collaboration with American company Procter and Gamble (P&G) which has helped provide 31 million liters of clean water to Myanmar.

In addition to facing clean water problems, Myanmar is facing a general water shortage. Water has become scarce in the country due to a late monsoon. Heat is increasing in the region as summer approaches, and more wells are drying up. The billions of liters provided by the Clinton Foundation and Procter and Gamble are even more significant in light of Myanmar’s current drought.

The Clinton Foundation seeks to provide solutions to global challenges, including reducing poverty and increasing access to health care throughout the world. Through the Clinton Global Initiative, the organization seeks to deliver two billion liters of clean water throughout the world through 2020. By delivering clean water, the Clinton Foundation aims to combat deaths and illnesses that are caused by drinking contaminated water. Procter and Gamble estimates that the clean water it has helped provide “has saved 32,000 lives and prevented 250 million days of diarrheal illnesses across 71 countries.”

In working with Procter and Gamble, the Clinton Foundation has provided six billion liters of clean water throughout the world since 2010. With every liter of clean water that the organization delivers, the risk of preventable death and illness due to waterborne diseases decreases.

– Jordan Kline

Source: Daily MailCBS News, Eleven Myanmar, The Diplomate
Photo: CSDW


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