5 Celebrities’ Companies That Give Back to Charity


TACOMA, Washington — There are no shortages of stories where celebrities lend a hand to a cause near to their heart. Celebrities often venture out and start their own business outside of the realm of entertainment. These “side hustles” can vary from the beauty industry to the baking industry. Here are five impactful celebrities’ companies that give back to charity.

Five Celebrities’ Companies That Give Back to Charity

  1. Jay-Z – Beyoncé’s husband is more than just a Grammy-winning rapper. Jay-Z started his business RocNation in 2008, which is now a multi-million-dollar entertainment company. They are involved in “every aspect of modern entertainment”, which is partly why they have several big-name artists signed to their label. In 2018, RocNation teamed up with Global Citizen to release an EP. The project included 4 songs whose proceeds went to Global Citizen. This organization works to end global poverty, while also addressing issues such as “gender equality, education, water and sanitation.”
  1. Jessica Alba – Her popularity stems from her acting skills in movies like Fantastic Four and Valentine’s Day. However, she also founded the beauty company Honest Beauty in 2011. She did so hoping to create a company that uses clean ingredients for its products. Since the beginning, Honest Beauty has worked with a multitude of charities. For example, in 2015, Honest Beauty teamed up with Head Start to donate backpacks to children in need. The most recent partnership for Honest Beauty was working with Baby2Baby in 2018 to help low-income communities by donating diapers and clothing to families in need.
  1. Gwyneth Paltrow – Gwyneth Paltrow is another actress who goes beyond her work on-screen. The Iron Man actress started her blog and business Goop in 2008. Goop works with charities like Pencils of Promise (PoP) and The David Lynch Foundation to help make the world a better place. Furthermore, Goop and PoP work together to help provide educational programs in developing countries like Laos and Nicaragua. Their work with The David Lynch Foundation helps bring peace through meditation for homeless families in urban neighborhoods.
  1. 50 Cent – The rapper’s music and production company give him his reputation. However, 50 Cent also founded an energy drink called Street King in 2011. The energy drink was created with Africa in mind as a way to fight global poverty. 50 Cent worked with the UN’s World Food Programme and Facebook to help him alleviate hunger in Africa. In 2017, the rapper vowed in a Huffington Post article that for every drink purchased, he would donate one meal. Likewise, if his Facebook post received more than one million likes, he would double his donation.
  1. Karlie Kloss. Karlie Kloss is a famous supermodel who recently signed on as the host of the revamped Project Runway show. The supermodel created her own pastry collaboration with pastry chef Christina Tosi. Back in 2012, the duo created a vegan and gluten-free healthy cookie called “The Perfect 10 Kookie” whose proceeds go to helping FEED. With every purchase, Karlie’s Kookies donates 10 meals to children all over the world.

Whether it’s known or not, most celebrities often have various business avenues. They tend to go to the market that’s heating up at the moment, which would explain the influx of celebrities starting their own beauty line today. Yet, sometimes celebrities’ companies that give back can also help impact and change the world on a massive scale. A lot of the time the products being purchased do end up helping a greater cause, like helping fight global poverty.

Hena Pejdah
Photo: Flickr


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