Sofia Carson’s Work With UNICEF


SEATTLE, Washington — Actor, singer and activist Sofia Carson was appointed as an ambassador for UNICEF in October 2020. With the celebrity already having a voice to influence young people, Carson’s work with UNICEF encourages her to engage people all across the globe to support and become involved with the humanitarian organization. Ultimately, using her celebrity status, Carson can raise awareness about programs that will aid children and protect those most vulnerable.

UNICEF’s Work and Impact

UNICEF is an organ of the United Nations that works with more than 190 countries and territories. Its mission is to “save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfill their potential, from early childhood through adolescence.” In order to carry out this mission, the organization partners with institutions to develop, promote and implement policies and programs that protect children around the globe. These policies have the goal of promoting protection, safety, education, survival, social inclusion and more.

UNICEF has made many strides in reaching children globally. In 2017, UNICEF and other organizations were able to provide more than two million girls with alternatives to child marriage. They also were able to assist nearly nine million children in obtaining an education in emergency areas, with more than four million of those being girls. The organization provided 12.5 million children with learning materials and responded to 337 emergencies in 102 countries dealing with children. Additionally, around 25 million live births were supported by UNICEF and its partner organizations that have the ability to provide health facilities and skilled birth attendants. With many more accomplishments, UNICEF continues to reach millions of children, using the voice of celebrities to spread their message.

Sofia Carson’s Work With UNICEF

Carson has been working for UNICEF since 2017, advocating specifically for girls’ empowerment. In order to educate and engage her follower base of millions, Carson has been turning to social media platforms. In 2019, Carson wrote a robust op-ed piece that urged Congress to pass the Keeping Girls in School Act. This act seeks to mitigate the boundaries and barriers that adolescent girls encounter when trying to access a school. In 2020, the House of Representatives finally passed the bill.

Carson has already begun campaigning for the organization, participating in the 70th anniversary of Trick or Treat for UNICEF. In previous years, the campaign had successfully raised more than $180 million for children globally. In 2020, UNICEF gave the children involved the chance to choose how to allocate the funds.

When asked Carson about her time with UNICEF, she responded, “my role as a UNICEF Ambassador is more important than any movie I could ever film or any song I could ever write.” She continues by encouraging the younger generations specifically to join her on this journey advocating for children across the world. “Use your voice to vote, visit, and learn what it means to be a global citizen. Fearlessly and loudly use your platform to make a difference.”

Kendra Anderson
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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