Cardi B Fights Poverty


SEATTLE, Washington — Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, better known as Cardi B, is an American rapper, actress and stage personality. She rose to the top of the Billboard 100 charts in 2017 and became the second female ever to top the charts with a solo piece. She was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the most influential female rappers of all time. Along with her impressive musical accomplishments, Cardi B advocates for global poverty reduction. Since she herself rose out of poverty from Highbridge, New York, she strives to help others do the same. Below is information on how Cardi B fights poverty.

Global Citizen Festival

In September 2018, Cardi B performed at the Global Citizen Festival, an annual music event that is geared toward ending extreme global poverty. During her performance to about 60,000 people, she took the time to address her thoughts on global poverty. The artist stated that reducing global poverty should be a key focus of the government and the public because “there’s poverty in America but we receive help. We need to research these countries that aren’t getting help.” Cardi B fights poverty mainly through her advocacy and by raising money through events like the Global Citizen Festival. She believes that anyone and everyone can speak out against poverty in their communities.

Cardi B did not receive any money for her performance at the Global Citizen Festival, but many crucial organizations fighting global poverty received support through the festival. For example, in the months preceding the Global Festival, Global Citizens took more than 55,000 actions to support the BUILD Act, a proposal to increase the U.S. Foreign Affairs Budget. Additionally, Global Citizens took around 500,000 actions and secured an estimated $360 million to improve global health, from decreasing HIV/AIDS to eradicating tropical diseases.

Cardi B’s West Africa Tour

In December 2019, Cardi B performed at the Eko Atlantic City in Lagos, Nigeria, and at the Accra Sports Stadium in Accra, Ghana. The rapper connected with fans throughout the country, dressing in the colors of the Nigerian and Ghanian flag during performances. She even gave some fans a tour of her hotel room. She not only wowed the crowd through her performances but she also took time during her trip to help fight poverty in Nigeria. During her free time, she bought water, food, diapers and other supplies and donated them to the Motherless Babies Orphanage in Lekki, Nigeria. She expressed her gratitude for the kind people who run the orphanage on her Instagram account, writing, “People like YALL MATTER!” in her photo caption.

Along with addressing global poverty through her advocacy, performances and donations, Cardi B fights poverty in the United States. Last October, Cardi B donated hundreds of coats and shoes to people in need in a housing complex in Brooklyn, New York. She is one of the many musical artists using their status and popularity to benefit the world around them.

Shveta Shah
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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