Cara Delevingne: Using Her Influence for Good


GOLD COAST, Queensland, Australia — Supermodel and actress, Cara Delevingne and her friend Christabel Reed have launched a powerful campaign to end climate change called EcoResolution.  The campaign influences people, including Delevigne’s 43 million Instagram followers, to make a commitment to take personal action against climate change. The aim of the campaign is to create a communal space where people not only feel comfortable enough to talk about the impact of climate change but also can learn from each other to find a solution to the issue.

#MyEcoResolution Campaign

The campaign has gained support from a multitude of people across the globe. Participants share their promises under the hashtag #MyEcoResolution. Celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Jack Black, Jaden and Willow Smith and Reese Witherspoon have also participated in the campaign increasing awareness around climate change.

Cara Delevingne explains more about the campaign in a video shared by a partnering initiative Advaya.  “History has shown us that governments only start to change when people take action,” she describes. “If we really want to see change, we have to be that change.” Delevingne hopes that this campaign will help raise awareness of the issue and create a conversation that will empower people to act.

She acknowledges the difficulties people face in addressing their own role in the issue of climate change. “Many of us find it difficult to talk about the climate and the ecological emergency because to a greater or lesser extent, we are all part of the problem. But, we can be part of the solution too.”

The campaign has grown so much since its launch in 2019. In fact, it has inspired the launch of a charity by the same team, called Initiative Earth. The campaign will launch Initiative Earth later this year and will support people to “restore ecosystems and revive communities around the world.” It aims to build long-term systems that are aligned with nature and help the earth and people on it thrive together.

Cara Delevingne’s Other Charity Work

The Suicide Squad star has always used her influence and power for good, having a large and impactful philanthropic presence. This year Delevingne decided to sell an NFT video to raise funds for a number of organizations including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Girl Up.

  • The Elton John AIDS Foundation works to fund “frontline partners to prevent infections, fight stigma and provide treatment with love, compassion and dignity for the most vulnerable groups affected by HIV around the world”.
  • Girl Up is a United Nations Foundation initiative that aims to provide equal opportunities for girls in developing nations such as Ethiopia, Malawi and India. The campaign encourages girls to lift each other up to succeed in this world. The campaign raises awareness and funds to create opportunities for girls to excel academically, financially and personally.

Cara Delevingne has also worked with Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Save the Children, The Cybersmile Foundation and UNHCR United Nations Foundation. Delevingne continues to use her celebrity influence to give back to those who are less fortunate around the world while inspiring her fans to do the same.

Simran Pasricha
Photo: Flickr


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