How BTS Has Inspired ARMY to Aid Children Worldwide


SLINGER, Wisconsin — Kim Namjoon, or RM of BTS, said, “We have learned to love yourselves, so now I urge you to speak yourself” during his UNICEF speech in 2018. BTS, the South Korean pop group, has long held the belief that people should love themselves and have advocated for the voices of young people around the world. BTS joined UNICEF’s Love Myself and #ENDviolence campaigns, advocating for young people around the world. BTS has inspired ARMY to shine a light on how youth should have the ability to live safely and happily.

UNICEF’s Love Myself and #ENDviolence Campaigns

With the help of its fanbase, called ARMY, BTS raised money for the campaigns and called on people around the world to spread kindness. The funds raised from the campaigns went toward youth aid and ending bullying. Highlighting the many levels of violence around the world, this campaign promoted the idea of what the meaning of love is and how helping others can build a better world for all people.

Apart from their philanthropic work as a group, the members have advocated for various social causes that they each care about as individuals. What is remarkable about these contributions is not that they gave but how they inspired their fans to do the same. Their fanbase, ARMY, has contributed to their campaigns and donations tremendously.

Education for Children with Disabilities

As someone who cares about education, RM donated to Seoul Samsung School. This school is known for educating hearing-impaired students. RM has also donated money to music education in South Korea. Park Jimin also often donates to education programs in his hometown, Busan. In 2019, he donated to schools across the city. In addition, from 2016 to 2018, he paid for uniforms for graduates of Busan Hodong Elementary School.

Jung Hoseok, or J-Hope, has donated money in private to the Child Fund Korea multiple times. This organization helps children with vision and hearing disabilities. Recently, he donated ₩150 million on his 27th birthday, saying that he wanted to give back, especially due to the increase in needs due to COVID-19.

Aiding Children in Need

Kim Seokjin, or Jin, has been part of UNICEF Korea’s Honors club, donating toward their cause in secret. His donations toward this group have inspired ARMY to donate to UNICEF as well.

For his 25th birthday, Min Yoongi, or Suga, donated beef to 39 orphanages across South Korea. He also donated money and toys to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation the following year, supporting kids with leukemia and cancer.

ARMY’s Donation Projects in Honor of BTS

ARMY has carried out many other projects as well. For example, in honor of BTS’s sixth anniversary, ARMY raised money for a Food Bank project in Singapore. They also made donations to support the victims of the Gangwon Province Wildfire, all under the name of BTS.

There have also been donation projects that ARMY has created in honor of each of the member’s birthdays. For example, for J-Hope’s birthday, ARMY worked with Korea Food for the Hungry International, calling the project “Hope of the Stop Hunger Project.” ARMY also created a project called “A Spoonful of Suga and Hope,” working with the SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home for Singapore.

BTS is known for its message of positivity and hope, which is being shared around the world. They are taking a stand and using their platform to advocate for important causes around the world. With help from ARMY, they have become a powerful force known globally. Through its continued dedication and philanthropic efforts, BTS has inspired ARMY to join its fight against global poverty and social injustices.

– Miranda Kargol
Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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