Clint Borgen Responds to Mayor Declaring Borgen Project Day in Seattle


SEATTLE – Mayor Mike McGinn has declared July 20th, 2013 the first annual Borgen Project Day in Seattle. In his official proclamation the mayor says, “I encourage everyone in Seattle, Washington to honor this day and join the fight to bring global poverty to the forefront of the nation’s political agenda and consciousness.”

The Borgen Project (parent organization to BORGEN Magazine) is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The nonprofit organization is headquartered in Seattle and works to improve the United State’s response to the global poverty crisis through innovative advocacy and awareness. Mayor McGinn’s recognition of The Borgen Project’s efforts marks the importance of this battle and the increasing support of the national population.

“I was very surprised,” said Clint Borgen, President of The Borgen Project. “It’s a great honor for the organization.”

Borgen Project Day calls upon Seattle’s globally-minded population to mobilize in the fight against poverty. This day celebrates the ten years of dedicated work and progress that have come from The Borgen Project, and lays the groundwork for a permanent and influential national presence.

– Melanie Mazza

Clint Borgen

Clint Borgen, President of The Borgen Project, meeting with the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


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