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  • Send Op Eds to
  • Please write “Op Ed” in the subject.
  • Two pictures of the author and/or something related to the articles subject is helpful but not required. Include phone number and address.
  • Include a brief bio.



  • Most articles are 400-750 words in length.
  • Submissions must be exclusive to us.
  • Keep it nonpartisan and secular.
  • Please write in AP style (same as newspapers).
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TOPICS: BORGEN Magazine welcomes opinion articles on subjects related to the world’s poor and international issues. We’re open to suggestions but love op eds on the following topics:

  • Good news in the war on poverty. Successes occurring in efforts to address global poverty and improve the human condition.
  • Solutions to poverty. Innovative and/or simple methods that are improving the conditions in poor countries.
  • Technology and the world’s poor. Ways technology is being used to help reduce poverty.
  • The business case for fighting poverty. How U.S. companies have benefited from a rising, global middle-class. How the drop in global poverty rates has created new markets/consumers for various companies.
  • What’s right with foreign aid. Examples of programs that you feel are working.
  • The impact of advocacy. People and strategies that have changed the world.
  • Reports from the field. Articles from relief workers, soldiers and those on the ground. Reporting on what they’re seeing in impoverished places and what’s working
  • Congress and the world’s poor. Insight from Capitol Hill on various bills and programs that members of Congress and staffers feel are effective.
  • Celebrities making a difference for the world’s poor. Celebs spotted on Capitol Hill or in impoverished regions raising awareness.


You can view an example of a published op ed here.